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Screenshots - Fast Poker

Fast Poker atari screenshot
Fast Poker atari screenshot
Fast Poker atari screenshot

Information - Fast Poker

GenreCards - PokerYear
LanguageCompiled CPublisherFaSTer Disk Magazine
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from-

Deschenes, Raymond

Graphic Artist(s)

Plouffe, Alain

Game design

Deschenes, Raymond

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Fast Poker Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Fast Poker

       By: Raymond Miville Deschenes
            Alain Plouffe

  This program is a very special one... First of all, it was put
  together at a breakneck pace in only two weeks! What makes it
  even  more  incredible is that it comes from a  programmer  with 
  under a year  of GEM and C programming experience, and
  from  an  artist  contributing  to  his  first  ever  commercial 
  He had in mind to make a noticeable entrance on the  marketplace 
  and we think we did it right. To design this kind
  of program is not by itself such a mystery but when you must
  go through the testing,  debugging and improvements while at the 
  same time juggling deadlines, something's
  gotta give somewhere. Fortunately we stayed in one piece
  and we made the deadlines.

         We had wanted to include the C language source  code  for 
  the  poker program on this month's issue but due to the lack  of 
  space,  this will be done in a later issue where it will be made 
  into a kind of tutorial on GEM programming.


       The  game  is a simulation of the "bar  room"  video  poker 
  machine.  You  play against yourself by trying to get  the  best 
  poker  hands  for the amount you bet.  This is a  standard  five 
  card, no trump poker.

       First of all,  run the POKER program directly from the DISK 
  MAG's menu.  After the screen turns red (or grey if you're using 
  a monochrome system because,  yes; the program runs just as good 
  in  black  and white) and the mouse  pointer  stops  flickering, 
  you'll  see a screenful of options and five cards  facing  down. 
  CLICK  BOTH  MOUSE BUTTONS TO START.  The  "Game  Over"  message 
  disappears   to  be  replaced  by  an  "Insert  coin"   flashing 
  insistently...  Use  the  left  and right  arrow  keys  to  give 
  yourself  a starting bankroll (from 5 to 200 coins,  default  is 
  100 coins or whatever value you indicate).  The five columns  of 
  numbers  at  the left upper part of the  screen  represents  the 
  amount you can win by betting from one to five coins;  you  must 
  click with the LEFT mouse button into any column before you  can 
  get your first cards.

       To start the computer dealing cards,  click the RIGHT mouse 
  button.  The computer will shuffle if necessary and turn up five 
  cards in order from left to right.  You may discard on the first 
  turn  any of the cards in front of you just by clicking on  them 
  with  the left mouse button.  (if you have a good  enough  hand, 
  just  click  on the right button to pass).  Click on  the  right 
  button again to get the new cards.  Once you have gotten the new 
  cards (if you took them), click again on the right button to get 
  the  computer to evaluate your hand.  It will then pay  you  the 
  amount corresponding to your score and your bet.
        The winning hands are displayed on the left of the  screen 
  according  to  what  each particular one is worth  in  terms  of 
  strenght.  According to your hand's value, a message will either 
  flash below the title indicating an even win situation (JACKS or 
  better  below two pairs pay back the amount that was bet) or  in 
  the  winning hands column (the name of the hand  you're  holding 
  flashes from yellow to white: STRAIGHT, TWO PAIR, etc...). Start 
  over again until you either  a) run out of money, or b) bust the 
  bank...  (gooood luck!).  When you're tired of  playing,  simply 
  press  the undo key to get back to the News program.  It may  be 
  necessary  to press the key a few times since the poker  program 
  is  always running in a tight event loop and can't always  catch 
  the keypress.


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