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Screenshots - Euchre

Euchre atari screenshot
Euchre atari screenshot
Euchre atari screenshot

Information - Euchre

GenreCards - MiscellaneousYear1990
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Monaco, Erin

Graphic Artist(s)

Monaco, Erin

Game design

Monaco, Erin

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Monaco, Erin

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Euchre Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Euchre

            MANUAL: EUCHRE
            by Erin Monaco
      Copyright 1990, Erin Monaco

           Table of Contents

  About your commands    ...........3
  Computer's Turn        ...........4
  Playing Screen         ...........5
  General Euchre basics  ...........6
  Copyright Information  ...........7

Euchre Commands               page 3

SORT:  This  command lets you sort your
cards  into  order.  Click on two cards
you wish to trade places.  You may keep
doing  this  until  you click on DONE.
You can only sort cards on your turn.
QUIT:     This     one's     kind    of
PASS:  This will tell the computer that
you don't wish to call trump.
ORDER UP: This is a first round command
that  tells  the computer that you want
another   player   to   pick   up   the
flipped-up  card.  That suit would then
be trump.
PICK  UP:  When  it  is your deal, this
command  will  appear  instead of ORDER
UP.   When  you  use  this command, you
must  choose  a  discard by clicking on
the  card  you don't want.  The suit of
the card you picked up is now trump.
ALONE: This command is used to tell the
computer that you think you can get all
five   tricks  without  Sherry's  (your
partner)  help.   If  you  wish to play
alone,   you   must  use  this  command
instead  of  ORDER UP, PICK UP, or CALL
CALL IT: Use this command in the second
passing  round  if  your  hand  is good
enough  to  call  trump.   The computer
will   ask   you  to  select  trump  by
clicking  on  the  suit in the bar that
will  appear  on the upper left side of
the  screen.  You may not call the suit
that the dealer flipped down.

The Computer's Turn           page 4

     The   computer   plays  for  three
people.  Vicki and Jaye, who are trying
to  beat  you,  and Sherry, who is your
partner.   It is important to note that
no   matter   whose  turn  it  is,  the
computer   makes  its  decisions  based
solely on what is in that player's hand
and what has been played.
     While the computer is playing, the
arrow  will  point  to whom its playing
for,  then  tell  you  or  show you the
result.  In the passing rounds, it will
tell  at  the top of the screen if that
person passed or called trump.  While a
hand  is  being  played, it will play a
card for them.

The Playing Screen            page 5
     At  the  top of the screen(1), the
computer  will  print what is happening
or   will   give  you  a  command.  For
example,   "Everyone   passed".   Below
this(2)  the  five  cards  in your hand
will   appear.At   the  right  of  your
screen,   the   cards  played  will  be
shown-yours(3),             Vicki's(4),
Sherry's(5),  and Jaye's(6).This is the
same arrangement as the table seating.

     Directly  below  your  first card,
the  flipped  card or trump symbol will
appear(7).During   the   first  passing
round,it  will  be  the  flipped  card.
During  the  second,  it will be turned
over.  While  playing, the trump symbol
will be shown. Next to this, should you
decide  to  call  trump  in  the second
round,  is  where the trump bar(8) will

     At the bottom and low left side of
the    screen    your   commands   will
appear(9).  These  will periodically be
different. While playing, the pass/call
it/alone bar will disappear and it will
tell  you  to choose a card. You do NOT
need  to  click  on  this  in  order to
select a card.

     The  number  of  tricks and points
each  team  has will be to the right of
Sherry(10) or Jaye(11). Each trick will
be  represented  by a symbol that looks
like  a  box.  Below  them  will be the
points.  These  are  rounder  than  the
trick symbols.

General Euchre Basics         page 6
     The  object  of  Euchre  is to win
points  by  winning the most, or better
valued,  hands. The first team to reach
ten points wins the game.

     The  point  is  for  your  team to
throw  the  highest valued card in that
turn  around the table.The first player
to  play  a  card  has determined which
suit     everyone     should     throw.
Technically, the ace of that suit would
be   the  highest  card.  However,  any
player  who does not have that suit may
trump the trick. Trump is automatically
considered  higher  than any other card
thrown. The trump suit is shown on your
screen,and selected in either the first
or  second  passing round. In the first
round,   the   dealer(shown   in   blue
writing)will   turn   up  a  card.Then,
starting   from   the   player  on  the
dealer's  left,  all  players  in  turn
decide  whether  they want that suit to
be trump. If they do not, they pass. If
they do, they order it up. That card is
then  picked  up by the dealer and they
discard  another  of their choice. That
suit is then trump.
     If everyone, including the dealer,
passes,  the  card is then flipped down
and  beginning  with  the player on the
dealer's left anyone may call the trump
suit.The trump suit may be anything but
the  suit  flipped  down.  If  everyone
passes  again,  the  deal passes to the
left  and  passing  rounds begin again.
     Once  trump  has  been called, the
player  on  the dealer's left begins by
throwing  a card. Everyone must throw a
card  of that suit. If they do not have
it,  they may trump at their discretion
or  throw  another  suit.  In  the case
trump  is led or more than one trump is
played,  the  trick  is  given  to  the
player  with  highest  trump.  Order of
trump is as follows: Jack of that suit,
Jack of same colored suit, Ace of trump
suit,  and  so  on  down to nine of the
trump  suit.  The  person who threw the
highest  card  is said to have "got the
trick".  The  person  who got the trick
then throws the first card.

     If  your  team  called  the  trump
suit,  you  must  win 3 or more tricks.
For  winning  three, you get one point,
for  winning  five, you get two points.
In the case you or your partner call it
alone, the other person does not get to
play.  If  you  called it alone and get
all  five  tricks, you get 4 points. If
you  only  get three or four, you get 1
point.  If  you  or your partner called
trump  and  you  do  not get at least 3
tricks,  you  will  be  "set"  and your
opponents  will  get  two  points.  You
should  not  call  trump  if you do not
think you can get three tricks, and you
should  not  call  it  alone unless you
think you can get all five.

Copyright Information         page 7

     All  rights  to  EUCHRE  and  this
manual  remain solely the authors.  Any
reproductions,  copying  or alterations
of  any  kind  are expressly prohibited
unless previously granted by the author
in    writting.     The   program   and
documentation  along  with  artwork and
coding   is   copyright  1990  by  Erin
Monaco.    EUCHRE  was  programmed  and
compiled using GFA-BASIC 3.0.

NOTE:   This  manual  is  needed to run
EUCHRE.PRG.   It  has to be in the root
directory on the disk in drive A, or in
a  folder  called  \EUCHRE\.  To change
the  default  drive  you  have to use a
disk  editor  on the program.  Find the
file  names,  ie; A:\EUCHRE\EUCHRE.MAN,
and   change   it   to  something  like
C:\EUCHRE\EUCHRE.MAN.  Just be sure all
the files are in the same place and you
have  changed  all files in the program
to    correspond    to   your   desired
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