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Screenshots - Escape

Escape atari screenshot
Escape atari screenshot
Escape atari screenshot
Escape atari screenshot

Information - Escape

GenreAdventure / Arcade - 2-DYear1988
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDistributor-
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from-

Lindros, Eric B.

Graphic Artist(s)

Lindros, Eric B.

Game design

Lindros, Eric B.

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Lindros, Eric B.

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Escape DownloadNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Escape

*Escape* Copyright (c) 1988 by Eric B. Lindros.

This program is shareware.  If you enjoy this program, I ask that you send 
$5.00 to:

     Eric Lindros
     1717 Lillingston Canyon Rd.
     Carpinteria, CA  93013

You  may distribute this program freely provided that you keep all of  the 
following files together:

     ESCAPE.DOC     these instructions
     ESCAPE.TOS     game program (works in both medium and high res)
     C_IMAGES.DAT   color images
     IMAGES.DAT     monochrome images
     MATRIX.DAT     maze data

INTRODUCTION:   Welcome  to the weird world of the  *Escape*  maze.   Your 
mission,  should you choose to except it, is to find the exit of the maze.  
Sound  simple?   Well,  to  make things a little more  interesting  a  few 
obstacles  have been placed in your path.   Among these are  bombs,  magic 
traps,  teleporters,  locked doors,  and, of course, an infinite supply of 
nasty  monsters.   On  the other hand,  there are also items to  help  you 
attain your goal.   Some of these are bandages,  first aid kits,  potions, 
scrolls, money, weapons, rings, belts, wands, and armor.  These items will 
be  explained in greater detail later in the instructions.   But for  now, 
here are the basics:

MOVEMENT:  To move through the maze, use a joystick in the non-mouse port.  
Movement is allowed in only the directions up,  down, left, and right.  In 
addition,  the fire-button is used to launch projectiles (assuming you are 
wielding a weapon capable of launching missiles.)  Moving onto items  such 
as  bombs,  traps,  and  teleporters  causes them  to  become  immediately 

INVENTORY:   You may carry up to 8 items in a pack.   In addition, you may 
have a weapon in your weapon hand,  a ring or a shield in your other hand, 
and  a belt or armor on your body.   Before an item may be used,  it  must 
first  be picked up.   This is done with the keyboard.   Simply press  the 
number  key (1-8) corresponding to the position within the pack where  you 
want  the  item  placed.   If  there is already  something  in  that  pack 
position,  it will be exchanged for the item that is on the ground.  Also, 
items  may  be  dropped  by pressing the  corresponding  number  key  will 
standing  in an empty location.   To use an item,  press the function  key 
(F1-F8) corresponding to its pack position.

ATTACK:  There are 2 methods of attacking.  One is by firing a projectile.  
This may only be done if the proper weapon is being wielded.  Simply press 
the  fire button on the joystick,  and a missile will be launched  in  the 
last direction of movement.   The other method of attacking is by hand-to-
hand  combat.   This  is achieved by simply attempting to  move  onto  the 

DOORS:   All  doors are locked.   To open a door,  you must have  in  your 
possession the correct key.  The keys have the number of the door they open 
printed on them.   The keys in your possession are displayed at the  bottom 
of the screen.

THE  DISPLAY:   The left half of the display is dominated by  the  viewing 
area.   The  main  character  (you) is always kept at the  center  of  the 
viewing area.   In the upper-right corner of the display is the  copyright 
notice.   Below  this is the current score and  health  information.   The 
health  display  is divided into two numbers.   The first  number  is  the 
current health value.   The second is the maximum health value.   Directly 
under the score/health display is the strength/weapon/armor display.   The 
strength  and  weapon values both effect the damage done  in  hand-to-hand 
combat.   The armor value determines how much hostile damage is  absorbed.  
Below  this  line  is  the active  spell  display.   Negative  spells  are 
displayed on the left, and good spells are displayed on the right.  To the 
left of the active spell display is the display of the items in use.   The 
top item is the weapon being wielded.   Under this is the item being held.  
Under this is the item being worn.   Below this display is the display  of 
pack items.  At the bottom of the screen, all keys owned are displayed.

KEYBOARD:   As  has been previously mentioned,  the number keys (1-8)  are 
used to exchange what is in a particular pack position for what is on  the 
ground.   Also, the function keys (F1-F8) are used to invoke or utilize an 
item from the pack.   In addition,  pressing the space bar will freeze the 
game.  Once the game has been frozen, pressing any key will cause the game 
to resume.


     Money:  Increases score.

     Missile  launchers:   Launch either arrows or fireballs at a  regular 

     Magic traps.  There are 7 types:
          Sleep:  Prevents any movement or attack.
          Stop:  Prevents any movement.
          Curse:  Effects both yours and hostile attacks.
          Slow:  Reduces movement/attack rate.
          Poison:  Causes damage during its duration.
          Confusion:  Causes movement to be misdirected.
          Weakness:  Reduces strength value by 8.

     Bombs:  Cause damage according to type.

     Weapons:  There are 3 types:
          Bows:  Shoot arrows at various firing rates.
          Wands:   Shoot  fireballs at various firing rates.   Wands  will 
occasionally disintegrate.
          Hand-to-hand:  Attack with various damage rates.

     Shields:  Increase armor value when held.

     Mail:  Increases armor value when worn.

     Magic rings:  Increase strength when held.

     Magic belts:  Increase strength when worn.

     Teleporters:   Transport  main character 4 squares in  the  direction 
that they are pointing.  They have no effect on monsters.

     Scrolls and potions:   You will need to experiment with these.   Some 
contain spells that have a duration, and others have an immediate effect.

CONTEST:   *Escape*  is the product of the suggestions I received about  a 
similar  game  that I wrote,  MegaMaze.   However,  very  few  people  who 
received  a copy of MegaMaze actually commented on it.   Since I  am  sure 
that  *Escape*  could  be vastly improved  with  your  suggestions,  I  am 
offering  a  $50.00  reward for the best suggestion  for  a  new  version.  
Actually,  I  am  really interested in any idea for any game that  can  be 
implemented  in both color and monochrome.   The top three  entrants  will 
have  their names posted in the credits of the resulting  program.   Don't 
delay!  Send your entry today!  I will begin writing the next game as soon 
as I have received 50 entries.

SOURCE CODE:   *Escape* was written in assembly language and compiled with 
A-Seka,  by Kuma.   If you would like a copy of the source code,  send  me 
$10.00, a disk, and a self-addressed disk mailer.

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