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Screenshots - Dynabusters+

Dynabusters+ atari screenshot
Dynabusters+ atari screenshot
Dynabusters+ atari screenshot

Information - Dynabusters+

GenreArcade - BombermanYear1994
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherTSCC
ControlsJoystick, JagpadDistributor-
Players1, 2+DeveloperSirius Cybernetics Corp. (The) (TSCC)
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Settelmeier, Achim [Scy] / John, Andreas [dynaCore]

Graphic Artist(s)

John, Andreas [dynaCore]

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish

Settelmeier, Achim [Scy]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Settelmeier, Achim [Scy]

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeSTe Only, Falcon030 / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Dynabusters+ Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Additional Comments - Dynabusters+

Other version with the same title:

[no publisher] (version [Shareware]) ().

Instructions - Dynabusters+

      __________ __  ___  ___
     {____   ___} _}/  _}/  _}
         /  / /  / /  / /  /
        /  / /  /_/  / /  /
       /  /  \_   \  \/   \
      /   \----`   }  `--. `--.
      \    \      /       \    \
     ----=*    present    *=----
|                                   |
|                                   |#
|           DYNABUSTERS +           |#
|        ------------------         |#
|  The Ultimate Multi-Player-Game   |#
|     for (M)STE and FALCON030      |#
|                                   |#
|                                   |#
|  by SCYNACORE prod. 1993/1994   |#
|   coded by DYNACORE and SCY of    |#
|   the Sirius Cybernetics Corp.    |#
|         --final version--         |#
|      release date  15.07.94       |#


 General Infos about this program:

 This means you are not only allowed 
 but obliged to copy and spread this 
 game. If you like it and play it 
 often, you have to send us at least 
               20 DM   
           or  20 Dollar 
           or  20 Pounds.
  (No other currency of less worth!)
   Adress at the end of the text...

  (By the way: This is our method to 
            say DM only...)



 2. Starting DYNABUSTERS+
 DYNABUSTERS+ is a game that runs not 
 on normal STs because it requires at
 least STE hardware (1 MByte of RAM, 
 blitter, STE-Hardscroll, extended 
 joystickports, enhanced palette and 
 (of course) DMA-Sound).
 And because it is totally written on 
 1040STE and FALCON 030 it runs on STE 
 and FALCON 030 totally ERROR FREE!
 (Hey, its a STE-Game! There is no real
 Falcon support... (Except 16 MHz, but
 on MEGA-STE you get the same speed!). 
 If there are at least 75 Persons 
 sending the (really small) amount of 
 20 DMarks, we'll surely going to 
 produce a full F030-Support-Version! 
 Maybe a Comp-Link-Version? 
 Well, nothing is impossible!)

 Due to the fact that this game needs
 a whole meg of RAM we fastly wrote a
 little loader for standart STE with
 just one Meg. This means, that you 
 can start DYNABUSTERS+ with a simple
 double-click on the '1MLOADER.TOS'
 Icon if you have a machine with the 
 above mentioned configuration.
 If you have more than one MByte RAM,
 you just have to double-click the

 You may install DYNABUSTERS+ on your
 harddisk as well. Just copy the whole

 3. The One-Meg-Loader
 This little program just loads the 
 to the absolute adress $20000 and
 then copies the data down to $1000,
 creates a bogus basepage and finally 
 relocates the program down there.
 The TRAP #1 and the TRAP #14-Vectors
 and all interrupts are disabled, so
 that the system doesn't crash until 
 the game really starts. 

 The EXIT-Option in the menu of the 
 game then is really not useful 
 because there is no system to go 
 back anymore.

 4. Extended Joystickports
 3 of the 6 possible players can be
 controlled without using the extended 
 joystickports. But for full 6-Player-
 action, you really need them! 

 The only way WE know to get the 
 adapters is to do it yourself, sorry!
 But as there is no complex stuff to 
 do it should be possible for at least
 some of you. It won't cost that much.

 For technical problems (like: which 
 pin does what) contact us.

 [We have heard, that due to the fact 
  that Mega STEs don't have extended-
  Joystickports, the joystickroutine 
  gives back nonsens-steering!
  That's why DYNABUSTERS+ turns off 
  extended joysticks on Mega STE!]

 4.1 Centronics-Joysticks
 Thanx to The Members Of Good Taste 
 (Hi there!) for sending us the source 
 of how to use the centronxjoysticks!
 So we added a little routine that 
 gets the joystickdata and ors it
 with the data of the extended joys.

 This feature is turned off after 
 starting DYNABUSTERS+ ('coz if a
 printer is connected the figures
 run without sense...)
 The Functionkey F10 toggles this 
 feature while staying in the menu.

 The Centronics-Joys control PLAYER 4
 and PLAYER 5. (works the same way as
 PLAYER 3 with the keys!)

 PLAYER 6 is still stuck to the 
 extended joysticks!

 The centronxadapter is much easier to
 get, because there are more ST-games
 to support it and at least some firms
 to sell those adapters.

 4.2 Jaguar-Pads
 Now we even support those great pads!
 (Thanx to Agent -t- for suggesting 
 If you want to play with the pads 
 instead of the extended sticks (no 
 adapter needed with pads), you 
 simply have to push F9 in the menu!
 The pads control player 4 and 5 (same 
 as the centronics joys).
 Player 3 is as usual supported by the 
 If you want to play with pads and 
 centronics joys turn both on (by 
 pressing F9 and F10 - remember, push 
 twice turns features off again!).
 Centronics stear player 4+5 and the
 pads control player 3+6.
 The pads should be available in all 
 shops selling the great JAGUAR!
 They are quite expensive, but they 
 are worth the price!
 The cheapest way to play with six 
 persons at once is to build the 

 On Mega STE this feature is turned 
 off, too, because of the lack of 
 extended joystickports...
 (Why are they missing on MSTE?)

 5. Further infos/tips
 'CREDITS'n GREETS' in the mainmenu
 for further infos about the game.
 Try to use the skulls/flasks/arrows
 and questionmarks all the time, 
 because they mean the real fun!
 If there are any questions left, then
 write us or test everything out until
 your questions are answered...
 (Writing us would be nicer...) 

 6. The Digital-Sound-System
 DYNABUSTERS+ features now 6 channel
 digisound during the whole game.

 4 channels are used for the module.

 You can toggle module on/off anytime 
 you want by pressing functionkey F1.
 (Without mod you have all six channels
 for sound FX!)

 To toggle the noises just use the
 functionkey F2.
 (Module becomes louder when noises 
 are turned off!)

 7. PAL/VGA   (on FALCON030)
 This game is written for STE and so 
 it uses PAL, 320x200 pixels, 
 4 planes (16 Colors) and 50 frames 
 per Sec.

 Thanks to Blade/Newcore, DYNABUSTERS+
 is now able to slow the frequency of 
 the VGA-Monitor down to 50Hz. 

 This may not work with all monitors,
 so hold ALTERNATE until the title-
 picture appears to run in normal VGA-
 mode. Remember that the timing is 
 completly based upon the 50Hz of a 
 normal monitor! As the module is too 
 fast, too, it is simply turned off...

 8. What's PLUS?
 Diffenences between DYNABUSTERS+ and 
 our first release of DYNABUSTERS:

 - The Centronics-Port-Joysticks are
   supported now!

 - The JAGUAR-Pads are supported as 
 - Loads of warfields are added!

 - More skull-/flask effects!

 - Group effects (yap, more trouble!)!

 - Some spelling mistakes are 
   removed :-)

 - Other spelling mistakes are 
   included :-(

 - Some little bugs are kicked out

 - One BIG bug is smashed out 

 - Pausefunction included

 - Some grafix are replaced

 - This text changed a lot

 - The loader 'learned' something new 

 - The packrate improved (thanx to 
   Delta Force for Noisepakker, 
   though there were no depacking-
   sources, so we had to create our 

 - A titlescreen while depacking 
   samples and other initstuff

 - A new and smaller module (99kByte)

 - Therefore more samples

 - Realtime module depacking to save 
   the rare memory and therefore again
   more samples 

 - New (english) samples

 - More than 400KB music/samplestuff 

 - 6 channel digisound all the time!

 - Bombs can now be kicked 

 - Cool DYNABUSTERS+ story

 - Warfield decreases in the last 
   minute (less timeouts!)

 - And many parts of the code work 

 - A really terrible routine, to make 
   you register DYNABUSTERS+ (Yeah, 
   man, send money!  There have been
   too less registrations so far...
   That's the reason why we will never 
   again release a fully working
   version of a game anymore!
   We actually started working on a 
   new game and it will be a 
   2 player game (maybe with an one 
   player option) using STE fine-
   scrolling, digisound and lotsa 
   And it will work on F030 as well!!!
   (It's again a coverversion of 
   a brilliant console game!!!)) 

 9. Address
 The Sirius Lab (TSCC WHQ)
 Ruelzheimer Str. 30a
 76756 Bellheim

 Write for any (legal!!!) reason you 
 can think of, especially FEEDBACK!
 (And if you just write a postcard
  (we're masters in suggesting..))

 You can also try to contact us in one
 of the following BBSes, just lookout 

    Dreamscape: +49 (0) 89 7917128
    (TSCC Germany support area!!!)

 ATARI Box NRW: +49 (0)  ?? ???
    (TSCC Germany support area!!!
 number and name will change soon)

       ADC-Box: +49 (0) 261 69005

    NO CARRIER: +49 (0) 6404 64396
     Gore-Zone: +49 (0) 48 416069

      Nightbox: +49 (0) 5861 18795
     The Abyss: +49 (0) 431804883

  Necronomicon: +0358 (0) 3882710 

     DHS-North: +46 (0) 225 51759

 (The last two are foreign (expensive 
  from our point of view) BBSes, so 
    don't expect a quick response
         in these boxes...)

 So long...

         LASER, SCY and DYNACORE, 1994

P.S.: Spread this around the universe!

The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is 
 a bunch of mindless jerks who'll be 
 the first against the wall when the 
         revolution comes...

                         Douglas Adams

Trivia - Dynabusters+

Features digitized title soundtrack at 12.5KHz
Features digitized in-game soundtrack at 12.5KHz
Features digitized sound fx at 12.5KHz

Features up to 23 colours on-screen simultaneously (introduction screen)

Supports Blitter
Supports STe DMA sound
Supports STe palette
Supports STe hardware scrolling

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