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GenreAdventure - RPG (3-D)Year
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Maidorn, Patrick

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Game design

Maidorn, Patrick

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
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It is the dawn of the 7th millenium. 
Mankind  has  stretched  its  power 
across  the  universe,  and  has 
 gathered  god-like  knowledge  and 
wisdom.  Reaching  out  across  the 
gulfs  of  time  and  space,  the 
interdimensional company  INTERSPACE 
sends its agents into the future and 
past  of the  known  universe,  both 
exploring  and  protecting  it.
But sometimes mistakes are made. And 
each  time something goes  wrong,  a 
 daring  INTERSPACE  agent  is  sent 
through  time to repair history  and 
save the universe from  destruction. 
That  agent is you!  You  have  been 
chosen to protect the destiny of the 
planet Thago.
Thago is a planet not unlike  Earth. 
It is located in a very remote  part 
of  the  Universe  and  was  only 
 dicovered recently. Plunging through 
the shafts of time, INTERSPACE found 
its history to be very close to  our 
own. It would have become one of the 
greatest research programmes of this 
century,  if  there haden't  been  a 
mistake.  One  of  the  INTERSPACE 
agents was acidentally killed  while 
visiting  Thago in  medievil  times. 
And  his  Dimensional  Warp  was 
 discovered by Lord Shrax,  the  evil 
high priest of a religious  movement 
called  'the  Avirans'.  Shrax   now 
uses  the Warp to open up  gates  of 
dimensions  that  even  INTERSPACE 
doesn't dare to touch.
Until  now,  he has used his  powers 
only to summon minor  demons,  which 
he uses to control the major  cities 
 of the planet.  But Shrax, trying to 
gather  more and more  power,  isn't 
satisfied  yet.  He is preparing  to 
summon a demon lord, who is commonly 
known  by the name of The Evil  One. 
And  once unleashed,  The  Evil  One 
will gain enough power to crush  the 
universe  and  destroy  the  entire 
 This is your mission:  You are going 
to  be  sent  to  the  entrance  of 
Shrax's  dungeon  via  time  tunnel. 
Once you arrive there, you will have 
only  little time to find Shrax  and 
destroy him before he can summon The 
Evil One.
How to play:
Getting started:
Before you can enter the dungeon  of 
Shrax to fulfill your  mission,  you 
have  to  create  a  character  by 
clicking  on  'New  Game'.  Please 
notice:  each time you create a  new 
character,  your old character  will 
be  erased  from disk and  you  will 
start a new game.  Please be careful 
not  to  select 'New  Game'  if  you 
 still  want  to play the  game  with 
your old character. 
Creating a character:
The first thing you have to do is to 
name your character.  Then you  will 
be  shown some statistics about  him  
or   her.  At  some   stages  during 
these  statistics you will be  asked 
if you want to keep that  character. 
 If  you select 'No' you will be  put 
back  to  the  beginning  of  the 
process,  where a new character will 
be created and his statistics  shown 
to you.    These statistics have the 
following meaning:
Strength,  Agility,  etc:  These are 
your  basic  characteristics.  They 
range  from  3  to  18  points.  A 
 character with strength 16 is a  lot 
stronger    than    someone     with 
strength 5.
Resistance:  This shows how well you 
are able to withstand an attack with 
fire, poison and magic.
Hitpoints:  This is very  important. 
Shows  you how many attacks you  can 
withstand without dying.  Each  time 
you  are attacked by a  monster  you 
 might  lose hit points.  As soon  as 
they reach zero,  you're out of  the 
Armour:  Armour class shows you  how 
often your character will be hit  by 
attacks. An armour class of 20% will 
mean that a monster will be able  to 
injure you 80% of the  time.  Armour 
power shows how often an attack of a 
 monster will simply bounce off  your 
Skills:  These show how well-trained 
you are for hand-to-hand combat  and 
how good you are as an archer.
Levels:  You  will  start off  as  a 
simple level 1 fighter.  During  the 
game  you  will  be  able  to  reach 
higher levels as fighter, archer and 
 Magic: Shows you how many spells you 
can cast.
Playing the game:

Once  your character has been  saved 
on  disk you will start the game  in 
the  entrance  hall  of  Shrax's 
dungeon. In the upper left corner of 
the screen is a first-person 3D view 
 of your surroundings. By clicking on 
the 'arrow' icons on the right  hand 
side of the screen you can move your 
character through the  dungeon.  All 
icons  are activated by  moving  the 
mouse  pointer  on top of  them  and 
pressing the left mouse  button.  In 
case of the 'arrow' icons,  you  can 
also  use  the cursor keys  on  your 
keyboard.  By  pressing  the  right 
 mouse button,  you will be shown the 
current  status of  your  character. 
You  can  call  these  statistics 
anytime during the game.  Each  time 
you do so you will also be given the 
possibility   of  training   your 
character  as  fighter,  wizard  or 
archer (see 'Training').

In some dungeon rooms you will  find 
valuable objects.  The computer will 
pick them up for you.  By  selecting 
the  'use' icon (in  the  upper-left 
corner) you will be shown a list  of 
all  objects  you're  carrying.  By 
clicking on the name of the  desired 
object,  you can activate  it.  This 
 will have the following effects:
Weapons:  By 'using' any weapon, you 
can  ready that weapon  for  combat. 
You  can  only  select  up  to  two 
weapons at a time. Selecting a third 
weapon  will  put the  first  weapon 
back  into  your  knapsack.  Only 
weapons which have been selected can 
be used during combat,  so make sure 
 you ready a weapon in time,  or  you 
will  have to fight with  your  bare 
hands.  A good strategy is to  ready 
the  weapon as soon as you  get  it. 
Then  it  will be ready  for  future 
Runes:  Runes  are  the  symbols  of 
power  that you will need to cast  a 
magical spell.  Most runes can  only 
 be used during combat.  Clicking  on 
them  will  activate  a  spell  (for 
example:  the Him Lig Rune will cast 
a  lightning bolt on your  enemies). 
You  will  have  to  find  out  for 
yourself which effect each rune has. 
Also  notice that using a rune  will 
diminish your magic points.  Without 
sufficient  magic points you  cannot 
cast  spells,  and  they  regenerate 
 themselves only very slowly.
Armours: 'using' an armour will make 
your character wear that armour.

Other  objects:  there are  lots  of 
other objects in the game,  potions, 
gems,  keys,  ropes,  etc.  You will 
have to find out yourself how to use 
them properly.

The  dungeon of Shrax  reaches  deep 
into  the earth.  In some places  in 
his  dungeon there are ladders  with 
which you can climb into the  deeper 
reaches of the dungeon.  To climb  a 
ladder  (either up  or  down),  move 
your  character on top of  a  ladder 
 and click the 'enter' icon (the  one 
with the door and the ladder).

As  the game is too complex to  play 
through in one go, Dungeonlord  lets 
you  save your position in any  part 
of  the dungeon.  Simply select  the 
upper-right icon. Once you have died 
 or if you reload the game at a later 
date,  you  can continue  from  that 
point by selecting 'Old Game'.

You're  not alone in the dungeon  of 
Shrax.  A  multitude  of  monsters, 
dragons, wizards and the servants of 
Shrax  are  wandering  through  the 
For each monster you kill,  you will 
be given points and money.  Money is 
useful  in  shops  to  buy  better 
equipment and points can be used  to 
train your character.
Once engaged in combat,  you will be 
shown a list of your  enemies.  Your 
current  target (ie the one you  are 
 trying  to  inflict  damage  on)  is 
highlighted.  To  chose a  different 
target,  simply click on the desired 
name  of  the monster.  A  light  in 
front of the name will indicate  its 
distance.  A  red light means it  is 
still  rather  far  away,  and  only 
long-range  weapons  can  be  used 
(throwing  knifes,   bows,   most 
spells).  A  green  light  indicates 
 that  your foe is right in front  of 
you,  and both of you can use short-
range weapons such as swords.
To  get closer to a group  of  foes, 
click on the little 'arrow-up'  sign 
to  the right of  the  monster-list. 
You  can  also  retreat  from  the 
battlesight  by  using  the  'arrow-
down'-icon.  Sometimes you will even 
 be able to escape entirely from  the 

During  combat you have three  basic 
options:  attack,  draw and use. All 
three  options  are  represented  by 
icons.  Clicking  on  the  draw-icon 
will make your character draw one of 
his two weapons.  Only weapons  that 
have  been readied prior  to  combat 
 can be drawn.
Use  the attack-icon to attack  your 
current  target with the weapon  you 
have drawn. Your hitpoints and those 
of   your  current  target   are 
represented  by little bars  at  the 
bottom. If one of those bars reaches 
the skull, that creature will die. 

 With  the  use-icon  you  can  fire 
spells,  drink  healing  potions  or 
perform other actions.
All comments about what is currently 
happening  are shown in a  rectangle 
in  the center of  the  screen.  The 
arrow-icons on its side can be  used 
to speed up or slow down the flow of 
text.  It  is  recommended  that 
 beginners  play the game at  slowest 
speed,  so they can become  familiar 
with  combat.  At a later point  you 
will probably chose to speed up  the 

After  you  have  chosen  an  action 
(changing  textspeed or selecting  a 
target  does not count as  a  move!) 
your foes will attack you.  The  key 
 to  survival is to  anticipate  what 
your enemy will do. 

Once you have gathered enough points 
(you  need  quite a  lot),  you  can 
train  your  character:  Press  the 
right mouse button,  select  'Train' 
and  the  category.  Fighters  and 
 Archers receive more hit points  and 
combat  skills  while  wizards  gain 
more magical power.
Hints for beginners:

Surviving  the  first level  of  the 
game  can  be  very  hard,  as  your 
character  still  has very  few  hit 
points  and not a lot of  equipment. 
 Therefore  try  not  to  engage  in 
combat  with too  powerful  monsters 
and  try to find objects which  will 
restore your health - you will  need 
them  badly.  And don't forget  .... 
Save often!!!
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