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Bob - 24/12/2006
CROSSEYED AND GREAT FUN,..but disPPOINTIN when the board gets full

Screenshots - Duck Dash

Duck Dash atari screenshot
Duck Dash atari screenshot
Duck Dash atari screenshot
Duck Dash atari screenshot

Information - Duck Dash

GenreBrain - Logical / PuzzleYear1992
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperKingfisher Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Gymer, John

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Gymer, John

Game design

Gymer, John

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Gymer, John

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Gymer, John

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Duck Dash Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Duck Dash


               Duck Dash

             by John Gymer
       Kingfisher Software 1992

             Playing Guide


     The  military  research station at
the top of the mountain has been broken
into  and dozens of mutant animals have
escaped.  Some  of them have reached as
far  as Farmer Floyd's yard where Danny
Duck lives.

     As  the top duck of the yard Danny
must  rush  around  collecting the eggs
and  save  his own neck from the mutant

           Loading Duck Dash

     Find  the  "DUCKDASH.PRG"  file in
the  "DUCKDASH" folder and double-click
with  the left mouse button to load the
game.  Once  loaded,  the  title screen
will appear.

            Starting a game

     Select "Easy", "Average" or "Hard"
for  the  skill  level  from  the title
screen  by  pushing the joystick up and
down.  Press the fire button to start a

     The  playing  area  is  a  grid on
which various objects may appear:

White  Duck:  this  is  YOU. Red arrows
will point here before each level.

Egg: Collect all of these on the screen
to complete a level.

Web:  If you move onto one of these you
will be stuck for a couple of seconds.

Flag: Collect this for an extra life.

Fruit: Collect for extra points.

Cracks:  This  are  produced every time
you   move.  You  cannot  move  onto  a
cracked bit of the yard.

Blue  Duck:  collect this to remove all
of the cracks from the yard.

Yellow Duck: collect this to freeze all
of the mutant creatures for a couple of

Green  Duck: collect this to make Danny
Duck   invincible   for   a  couple  of

Creatures:  Anything else which appears
in  the  yard is a mutant animal. Don't
let  Danny get caught by one or he will
lose a life.


     Use   a  joystick  to  move  Danny
around  the  yard. If you hold down the
fire  button  and push the joystick you
can  slide  the  whole  row  or  column
around the yard.

     Press    to  quit from the
current game.

     Press    to  pause, and any
key to restart.

     Press  to lose a life!

              High Scores

     If  you score high enough you will
be  able to put your name into the high
score  chart.  If  this happens a green
box  will  appear  in  the  appropriate
place  in  the  chart at the end of the

     Move  the  joystick left and right
to move to a new character. Push up and
down  to  change  the  letter  at  that
position. Once you have finished, press
the fire button to enter the name.


Thanks to:

Hisoft   for  the  excellent  DevPac  2
Assembler  which  Duck Dash was written

My  brothers,  Grave Dave and Simon the
Squirt, for helping me make the samples
and for play testing.

AVR  for the excellent Replay Stereo on
which  the  samples  for Duck Dash were
made (6.5 KHz).

My parents for the mugs of coffee.

Wilma, the moggy, for being furry!

Me  for writing Canvas on which all the
graphics for Duck Dash were drawn!!

Last,   and  least,  the  guys  at  the
military   research   centre   on   the
mountain  for  letting  me  draw  their
wonderful little creatures!!


Trivia - Duck Dash

Conversion - Atari 8-bit

Duck Dash Trivia
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