Draw Poker / Double Down

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Screenshots - Draw Poker / Double Down

Draw Poker / Double Down atari screenshot
Draw Poker / Double Down atari screenshot
Draw Poker / Double Down atari screenshot
Draw Poker / Double Down atari screenshot
Draw Poker / Double Down atari screenshot

Information - Draw Poker / Double Down

GenreCards - PokerYear1989
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLow / HighLicensed from-

Hughes, Jeffrey K.

Graphic Artist(s)

Hughes, Jeffrey K.

Game design

Hughes, Jeffrey K.

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Hughes, Jeffrey K.

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Draw Poker / Double Down Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Additional Comments - Draw Poker / Double Down

Other version with the same title:

[no publisher] (version 2.01) ().

Instructions - Draw Poker / Double Down

                     DRAW POKER / DOUBLE DOWN
                           Version 2.5
                Copyright 1988 - Jeffery K. Hughes
                       All Rights Reserved

             NOTE: This program IS NOT public domain!

     This program may be freely copied and distributed provided it 
is done so in a non-profit manner.   It may not be distributed  as 
part of a promotional package designed to sell any other  product.  
It may be distributed as part of a public-domain package,  such as 
user group library disks, provided that the fee charged amounts to 
no  more  than the cost of producing and distrubiting  such  disks 
plus a copying fee of no more than $2.

     If you find this program entertaining and wish to include  it 
in your permanent library,  it is requested that you submit $10.00 
to the following:

                        Jeffery K. Hughes
                          P.O. BOX 4471
                         Butte, MT 59701

                 *** NOTE THE ADDRESS CHANGE ***

     Welcome  to  Version  2.5 of  DRAW  POKER/DOUBLE  DOWN.   The 
response  of  the ST community towards my first version  has  been 
quite favorable.   I appreciate the reviews and compliments that I 
have been getting.  Thank you.
     I  finally managed to get my hands on an RGB monitor  for  my 
ST.   Now that I can program in color, I am hoping to release some 
more  programs.   I  am  not  sure whether I  will  be  going  the 
shareware,  magazine publication,  or commercial route.   Magazine 
publication could be the way to go, the pay is fair, but it's more 
or less a one time payment.   Commercial publication means  trying 
to  find  a  software house that still wants to  support  the  ST.  
(Becoming  quite a rarity!)  Shareware,  while it hasn't been  the 
most  profitable,  tends  to come in handy when the  gas  tank  is 
empty.   I am sure I could be persuaded to go the shareware  route 
with a little more incentive (read:  users registering).   While I 
hate to be a pest and ask for the shareware fee,  it would help me 
aquire  more  tools so that I could produce  more  shareware.   (I 
know, you hate reading that stuff too.)
     Anyway, I bet you would like to know what the differences are 
between 2.01 and 2.5.   Well,  for starters, I re-worked the color 
graphics for the Jack-Queen-King cards.  I added a couple of sound 
routines to enhance the play and feel of the game.   The  computer 
now  notifies you when you are a winner with some sound  (yeahh!).  
It  will  also raspberry you when you lose  while  doubling  down. 
(Hey, it balances it out.)  I made some corrections and changes to 
the  payoffs.   The  payoffs now reflect most of  the  Draw  Poker 
machines that are here in Montana.   Straight Flush now pays  over 
Four-of-a-kind.  (Like it should have in the first place.)  And  I 
have  disabled  the keyboard click for those of you that  use  the 
keyboard, since the sound routines I had built in already notified 
you that a button was pressed.   Finally,  the color registers are 
restored when exiting the program after you go bust.
     Well  enjoy  the  program,   I think you'll  find  the  Color 
Graphics a bit more appealing.   (Sorry Monochrome users,  I don't 
think I could improve much on the B&W graphics.)

P.S.   Guess where I got my RGB monitor from?  Out of a DRAW POKER 
casino machine!

                                   Jeffery K. Hughes


     Your  computer  will  need to be  in  either  high-resolution 
(monochrome) or low-resolution (color) mode before you can run the 
program.   Please  consult  your system manual on  how  to  change 

     Double  click on the 'DRAWPOKR.PRG' program  icon.   Be  sure 
that  the  files  'MPOKER.DAT' and 'CPOKER.DAT' are  in  the  same 
directory as the program.

     Draw  Poker  is  a simulation of  the  popular  casino  poker 
machines  found in various gambling resorts.   It is  played  just 
like  these machines except that the payoffs are done  in  fantasy 
coins.   (Which is fortunate or unfortunate depending on how  lady 
luck is treating you.)  Therefore, if you are familiar with  these 
machines, you should not have any trouble figuring out how to play 
this game.

     Just like the original casino games,  the number of coins bet 
can  range from one to five.   The payoffs are handle in the  same 
manner  as  the  casino  machines,  with  the  payoff  progressing 
according  to the  number of coins bet.   For example:   With  one 
coin bet you would win three coins upon achieving a hand of Three-
of-a-Kind.   With three coins bet your winnings would come to nine 
coins.   The  only exception to this is when the player  bets  the 
maximum  of five coins and achieves a Royal Flush.   In this  case 
the players winnings would total 5000 coins!

     The  various buttons that are located on the screen  function 
in the following manner:

     INFO      Displays  copyright and liscencing  information  on 
               the screen.
     LOAD      Allows  the player to load in a bankroll file  that 
               was previously saved.
     SAVE      Allows the player to save a bankroll file in  which 
               her/his  current  amount of coins will  be  stored.  
               Allowing  him/her  to resume the game  at  a  later 
     QUIT      Asks  the player if they wish to exit the  program.  
               All winnings will be lost at this point unless they 
               were previously saved (or lost.)
     1 COIN    Used to bet one coin at a time.   Upon betting  the 
               fifth coin the computer will automatically deal out 
               a hand to be played.
     MAX COINS Used  to bet five coins (the maximum).   This  will 
               place the betting amount at five,  not increase  it 
               by five.   After selecting this button the computer 
               will automatically deal out a hand to be played.
     DEAL/DRAW Used  to  inform the computer that the  player  has 
               placed  her/his bet OR to inform the computer  that 
               the player has decided which cards to HOLD onto and 
               to deal the replacements.
     HOLD or
     DROP      One  of these buttons is located below each of  the 
               five cards dealt.   Use of these buttons determines 
               whether or not the player wishes to keep or discard 
               the corresponding card.   Clicking on one of  these 
               buttons toggles it between the two modes.

     After  the program is up and ready,  make your bet using  the 
buttons described above.   The computer will deal out a hand to be 
played and you will need to decide how best to play it.   You will 
only  have one redeal so choose your cards wisely.   You  will  be 
trying  to  achieve one of the following  combinations  after  the 

     ROYAL FLUSH         This  is a combination of A-K-Q-J-10  all 
                         of  the  same suit.   This  is  the  best 
                         possible hand in poker.
     FOUR-OF-A-KIND      Four  cards  of  the  same   value.   For 
                         example: four aces.
     STRAIGHT FLUSH      This  is a combination of all five  cards 
                         of  the  same  suit  in  sequence.    For 
                         example: 4-5-6-7-8 of spades.
     FULL HOUSE          Three  cards  of the same value  AND  two 
                         cards of another value which are equal to 
                         each other.  For example: 3-3-3-A-A.
     FLUSH               This  is a combintion of all  five  cards 
                         being  of  the same  suit  regardless  of 
                         their values.   For example: 4-6-7-Q-A of 
     STRAIGHT            This  is a combination of all five  cards 
                         being  in  sequence regardless  of  their 
                         suits.  For example: 2C-3C-4C-5H-6D.
     THREE-OF-A-KIND     Three  cards  of  the  same  value.   For 
                         example: three kings.
     TWO PAIRS           Two  pairs  of cards that  are  equal  in 
                         value.  For example: 10-10-3-Q-Q.
     JACKS OR BETTER     This is a pair of cards that are equal to 
                         each other AND are greater than or  equal 
                         to the value of JACK.   For example: 6-4-

     If  you achieve a winning hand the computer will ask  you  if 
you wish to 'DOUBLE DOWN'.   This entails another quest with  lady 
luck  and a deck of cards.   In the event that you win this  quest 
you will double your winnings and obtain the chance to double them 

     If you do not wish to 'DOUBLE DOWN',  simply click on the  NO 
box and your winnings will be added to your coin total.

     To  'DOUBLE  DOWN'  you will need to select  the  YES  option 
either  by clicking on the YES box or pressing the  [RETURN]  key.  
After having done this, the computer will deal five cards with the 
first card shown face up.   The object is to select on of the four 
remaining  cards that will be equal to or higher than the face  up 
card.   In event that the card you chose was equal to the face  up 
card,  it will be declared a DRAW and you will be required to  try 
again.  If your card is less in value, then you will return to the 
DRAW POKER screen and the previous winnings will be lost.  If your 
card  is greater than the face up card,  you have  won.   At  this 
point you can either continue doubling your money or return to the 
DRAW POKER game, adding your current winnings to your total number 
of coins.

     While programming this game,  I found myself wanting to enter 
my  choices in a quicker and simpler method than the  mouse-point-
and-click method.   Although you can still use this method if  you 
prefer,  I  have  added keyboard input as  well.   By  using  this 
method, most of the game can be played entirely from the keyboard.  
The only exception to this is the portion of the game that asks if 
you wish to double down.   This portion will require a mouse click 
on the NO box in order to collect your winnings.   The solution to 
this  is to place the mouse over the NO box once and simply  press 
the  mouse button whenever you wish to collect your  winnings.   I 
found this to be quite acceptable.

     The  keyboard  input  method makes heavy use  of  the  10-key 
keypad  allowing choices to be entered by touch by  most  players.  
Even  if  you  do not know ten key,  it is not all  that  hard  to 
remember  the  keystrokes  needed to  play  the  game.   The  keys 
function as listed below:

          BUTTON              Corresponding Key
          --------------      -------------------
          INFO                I key
          LOAD                L key
          SAVE                S key
          QUIT                Q key
          1 COIN              0 key
          MAX COINS           . key
          DEAL/DRAW           [RETURN] or [ENTER] keys

          HOLD or             The numbered keys 1 through 5  which 
          DROP                correspond to the desired card.

     Well that just about covers all of it.   I hope you enjoy the 
game  and  can  appreciate  the  effort  that  went  forth   into 
programming it.  Have fun and enjoy!!!

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