Daniel's Dungeon - University Game

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Screenshots - Daniel's Dungeon - University Game

Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot
Daniel's Dungeon - University Game atari screenshot

Information - Daniel's Dungeon - University Game

GenreAdventure / Arcade - 2-DYear1991
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Gouthro, Daniel Carl

Graphic Artist(s)

Gouthro, Daniel Carl

Game design

Gouthro, Daniel Carl

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Daniels Dungeon - University Game Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Daniel's Dungeon - University Game

                            Daniel's Dungeon game
                        Copyright (c) 1989,1990,1991
                             All rights reserved.

Congratulations,you are downloaded it! It is biggest ever you get
and now you will have hand of the arcade like coin op!

NOTE:This Daniel's Dungeon REQUIRE the joystick on port #1 (right)!
If you do not have any joystick,you MUST purchase new joystick for it!!

NOTE:Daniel's Dungeon may run on MEGA computer or TOS 1.4 or TOS 1.6.

NOTE: This version of Daniel's Dungeon have demo version and
full unrestricted version. See password feature below for more details.

There is a key to press to respond to this Daniel's Dungeon's menu or

When you are in MENU mode,

Press L to load saved game.
Press I to show instruction about the game.
Press H to show high score list.
Move joystick with left/right to select specified level.
Move joystick with up/down to select health point(s).
Press fire button to start this game....
Press Q to quit this game.
Press P to enter the password for registered user of this game.

When you are in PLAY mode,

Press S to save this playing area.
Press space bar to pause this game.
Press Q to abort playing area and go through DEATH mode.
Press and hold fire button to display detailed scoreboard.
Press fire button to fire the fireball (in King Boss Level only).

This game is maze game which must find the paradise to graduate
with Congressional Medal of Honor (Doctor of Honor).
This game is university skill level version of School Maze ST.

You must have correct type of key to order to unlock locked keyhole.
Blue Transporter will take you to lose one level.
Downstairs will advance you to next level.
Room Transporter will teleport you to another transporter on same level.
Local Elevator will advnace you by 3 levels.
Express Elevator will whoosh you by 5 levels.
Paradise (GOD) will take you into the paradise???!!!??!!
White Trap will damage your health point by 25 points when it is on.
Red Trap will shock you off to DEATH when it is on!!!
Green Wall Trap will damage your health point by 250 points.
You must find the fairy to unlock any "MAGIC" door.
All potion will heal you with various health point(s).
The passage will restrict you to access:
Purple:only YOU are allowed to go through.
Green:only any monsters are allowed to go through.
All other are the treasures with various point(s).
All monsters are each different with various damage point,speed and
smart level(s).
The speed of this game will go faster as you go next level.
"PH" level is level 17 and it will be fastest ever you can find.

Watch for Lord Chaos which will cut you off to DEATH if you touch him!
(Except in Level 18 - King Boss's room).

If you found the paradise and graduated,you will be my KING's list and
please leave message IF you started from LEVEL 1.

Thank you much! I know you will *LOVE* it best PD software!!!!

Daniel Carl Gouthro

P.S. if you own hard disk,you can extract it to ANY folder,you
can copy ALL files to that folder where DUNG300x.TOS live.
You must click on DUNG300x.TOS to start this program.
ALL files MUST BE in that folder BEFORE running DUNG300x.TOS or
DUNG300x.TOS will automatically reject this program!
Version 3.00 of Daniel's Dungeon is name "DUNG300.TOS".
Version 3.00 of Daniel's Dungeon for monochrome users is name "DUNG300M.TOS"
NOTE: I have been removed HISCORE.DAT from ARC file so your
high score will be clean and new.


It is Version 3.00 of Daniel's Dungeon game! It is much better
than Version 2.xx of this game. Redrawing the maze is 30% faster.
It have new map,new text and slighty fancier picture.
It has now support monochrome monitor since Version 2.xx does not.
Monochrome version have special character set code for display so
it will be nearly same as colour version! But however some of the item
may look unfancy or poorly. For best view of this item,use colour monitor if
you have. Character set code for colour have been converted to monochrome
by through "screen" passes (I converted to picture then degas process it
then convert back to character set).
Monochrome version of Daniel's Dungeon game do not support all traps
except wall trap. Only wall trap will work with monochrome version.
You may pass through "invisible" trap without any damage when you play
with monochrome monitor.

** NOTE ** : Please read this message!

Version 3.00 of Daniel's Dungeon feature password feature for registered
user. It is now SHAREWARE definitely and you must be registered user to
order to play unrestricted. All unregistered user may play this game but
are limited to first 3 levels,not allowed to play past level 3!!
If you want to play past level 3,you MUST enter the password.
First 3 levels are called "DEMO" levels.

To do so,please send registration fee to me directly or on BBS where my
name exist. Please send money order or certified check or personal check to
my address shown on end of text. After this,I will give you this password
to make you registered user. You may also send money to me in NCAUG meeting.

*** Updated Version BEFORE released ***

It is Version 3.01 instead of Version 3.00!
It now contain King Boss's level (Level 18).
Level 17 and Level 18 are PH level(s).
When you reach God on Level 17 and touch God then you will advance
next to Level 18! You will "energizing" (teleport) into King Boss's
Room. Final Battle will begin and Lord Chaos (King Boss) will talk
you about himself. After Lord Chaos complete talking,he will
immediately attack you! You will have power to fire your fireball
at him. Scoreboard is updated to include boss's strength. Boss
strength number will NOT appear on the scoreboard unless you
are in King Boss level (Level 18). Damage to you if he hit you
are incredibly extremely high and it could take you 2 hits depending
your health point to be on your funeral grave!!! Damage to Lord
Chaos (King Boss) is varies depending stregth of your health to attack.
You cannot fire the fireball on any level except level 18.

It may run on TT computer as well as MEGA and new TOS.
It uses 68030 stack frame as well as 68000 stack frame.

I also release MAPMAKER and CHEDITOR for Daniel's Dungeon. It is
enitre programmable to make mazes and character set. However
code number MUST be stay same.
You can make any maze you wish but however you cannot change
code number to treasure from monster or cannot change from door to
monster. You must idenify these code number SAME structure of item.
Modify code actions about monsters,door,potions other than just
modify character set REQUIRE my SOURCE code,it is very private!!!


00 - Space
01 to 08 - Walls
09 - Your player
10 to 25 - Monster

All code number MUST BE same idenfication of catergory. You can
change character set from wall to different walls or rocks but must
remain in "WALL" code for Daniel's Dungeon to check for.
You cannot change the wall to monster or door unless door is ALWAYS
useless or funny.

Also you must make the border so the monster shouldn't escape from the
game. If you place the monster (maximum 32 monsters) out of border,
it may walk to go out of the map and crash the system.

Your player always place left upper near the border and overwrite
any item under this position. If this item is monster,the monster will
move out of this position then back to attack you.

CHEDITOR and MAPMAKER are shareware and expected to pay $15
registration fee to me to support these editor for Daniel's Dungeon

Good Luck!

NOTE: This game is copyrighted. You may give them away for free but
NOT allowed for resale. You will be prosecuted if you attempt to
sell this game to the public for the sale. You are also not allowed
to alter the game code anyway unless you install sound program into
this game and notify me.

Notify me if you plan to put sound into Daniel's Dungeon OR
send $15 to me if you plan to use the editor to design the maze or
play Daniel's Dungeon fully unrestricted:

NOTE: $15 registration fee will get you special password for unrestricted

Send money order or cheque only,NOT cash!

Mr. D. C. Gouthro
42 Pinson Private,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 0E6

Telephone: (613) 521-4152

Thank you!

Daniel Carl Gouthro
Master Programming Level E ( )- Master in DM )
Doctor Degree of Computer Programming (D.C.P.) from Sir James Whitney
High School in Belleville.

Note: When I am Doctor Level then I will be KING MASTER of PROGRAMMING!

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