Dangimere Module I - The Awakening

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Screenshots - Dangimere Module I - The Awakening

Dangimere Module I - The Awakening atari screenshot
Dangimere Module I - The Awakening atari screenshot
Dangimere Module I - The Awakening atari screenshot
Dangimere Module I - The Awakening atari screenshot
Dangimere Module I - The Awakening atari screenshot
Dangimere Module I - The Awakening atari screenshot
Dangimere Module I - The Awakening atari screenshot
Dangimere Module I - The Awakening atari screenshot
Dangimere Module I - The Awakening atari screenshot

Information - Dangimere Module I - The Awakening

GenreAdventure - RPG (3-D)Year1993
LanguageCompiled CPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsMouse, KeyboardDistributor-
Players1DeveloperIntegral Systems
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Bilger, Jeffrey

Graphic Artist(s)

Bilger, Jeffrey

Game design

Bilger, Jeffrey

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Bilger, Jeffrey

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe, TT, Falcon030 / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Dangimere Module I - The Awakening Download / MSANumber of Disks2 / Double-Sided / HD Installable

Instructions - Dangimere Module I - The Awakening

                      Dangimere RPG Contents

                     I.    System Requirements

                     II.   About

                     III.  How to get started

                     IV.   Keyboard Commands

                     V.    General Information

                     VI.   Cavets

I. System Requirements

   Dangimere will run for sure on a 1 Meg ST. I had some 
  people test it on their STe's, Mega's and Falcons with 
  no noticable problems.

   To get the full effect of the game, it is best to hook
  up your audio output to a stereo because there are 
  many digitized sound samples.

   Also a hard drive is strongly recommended but if you wish
  you can run it from a floppy. 

II. About

    Dangimere is a RPG that I have been writing for around
  6 years. It all started back in High School with a text 
  based adventure game I wrote in BASIC (gasp!). Soon I ported 
  it to Pascal and finally, years later, to C. 

    About the time I started College at The University of 
  North Texas, I decided to incorporate graphics into the game.
  At first it was quite primitive, just plain ole vector 
  graphics and a VERY small world to move in ( only a 4x4 grid).

   For about a year I didn't do anymore coding on it. School 
  demanded all my available time and concentration. Then, in
  May of 1991 I decided to transfer to Texas A&M University.

   While at A&M I wrote animation routines, the main movement
  and Graphics Engine, a TSR digitized sample player and other
  odds and ends. At this point in the development cycle, I
  had graphic templates for just about every view the user 
  saw. Needless to say this took up A LOT of memory and disk
  space (around 700k).  While taking my Operation Systems course
  I decided to implement Virtual Memory/Paging so that 512k 
  users could play the game. This project worked perfectly 
  and for a while I was satisfied. 

   Then, in the summer of 1993, while taking a Computer Graphics
  course I had a flurry of ideas. One of the most signifigant 
  ideas led me to totally rewrite the Movement/Graphics Engine
  so that ANY scene could be built from just 6 primitives. This
  had quite an impact because instead of needing 700k of Graphic
  files, I just needed about 45k...which is a HUGE improvement. 

   Currently, I am taking Software Engineering....I can look
  back on the development of the game and easly see that it
  was a bottom up design, traceability is shot to hell and 
  maintenance on this beast would be any programmers Worst
  Nightmare.....but heay, I learned a lot and it was a hell
  of a lot of fun.

III. How to get started
     You can run Dangimere from a floppy or a harddrive. I 
 recommend running it from your harddrive. Just create a 
 directory and place ALL the files in this archive in that 

 o Installation on a hard drive:
   . Place ALL files in this archive in any directory you wish on
     your hard drive.
   . You have two options for fonts:
      1)  Using the Game's Font

          . Copy the file called GOTH_I8.FNT to the BOOT drive (eg c:\)
          . Copy the file AMCGDOS.PRG in the AUTO folder
          . Edit the file ASSIGN.SYS so that the FIRST line, which 
            reads:  path = a:\
            Change this to :  path = c:\
          . Copy the file ASSIGN.SYS (the one you just edited) to the
            BOOT drive(eg c:\)
          . And when you run the program and you're prompted with the
            question:  'Use the G)ames font or the C)urrent Font. 
            Pick the (G)ames font.

      2)  Using the Current Font
          . If you wish, you can use such programs a FONTRIXX
            to load up your own font 
          . I have included the fontrixx font file gothic.fn8 for your use

          . PROCEDURE:
          . Delete the file AMCGDOS.PRG from the AUTO folder
          . Copy the file FONTRIXX.ACC to your boot drive (ie: c:\)
          . Edit the file FONT.DEF so that the path  A:\gothic.fn8 
            is changed to the path that you have all the dangimere 
            files located. ( ie: c:\dangimere\gothis.fn8 )
          . Copy the file FONT.DEF to the BOOT drive (ie: c:\)
          . When you load the game, you will be prompted with:
            Do you wish to use the
            (C)urrent font or the 
            (G)ames font.
            Pick 'C' for Current font
   . You're all set! Just click on RUN_ME.PRG

 o Installation on floppy
   . Just unLzh the files dan_disk1.lzh and dan_disk2.lxh each to
     a seperate floppy disk and you're all set.

 **** NOTE: It is STRONGLY recommended that you run this
            game from your hard drive.

            If you run it from a floppy, you should DISABLE
            the digitized sounds. To do this, load up the game
            and press G then select 'Turn Sound OFF'

     When you are ready to play, double click on RUN_ME.PRG

 When the intro screens appear, press RETURN to continue.
 Finally you will be at the Lochsheian Portal. 

  A) Loschean Portal
     This is where you ROLL a character, SAVE a character 
     ENTER the city or get INFO.
     You only have one character. Whenever you choose to 
     Enter the City, that character will be loaded up. So
     if you already have a character DO NOT roll and save 
     another one unless you want to delete the old character!!

IV. Keyboard Commands

     o Up    arrow    ---- Move Forward
     o Left  arrow    ---- Turn Left
     o Right arrow    ---- Turn Right

     o P              ---- Pauses the Game.

     o I              ---- User Information
                           - Gold, Experience, Active Spells
                             and Special Items

     o G              ---- Game Options
                           - Save Game, Turn sound on/off, etc.

     o U              ---- User Items
                           - Such as : Potions, keys, torches...

     o T              ---- Check the Time ( you must own a timepiece )

     o F1 key         ---- Switch weapons.

V. General Information

   As you explore the City, beware of what you believe
   and who you befriend.

   The Seasons will come and go, rain will fall, the sun
   will rise and set. Be brave, for you must gather information
   that will enable you to return home....

VI. Cavets

    Dangimere is just the first module in a series of related 
RPGs. The Dungeon is already in the works and the Forest is being
designed at this moment. I have written the Graphics Engine such 
that it will be quite easy to create new RPGs. 

One note: When playing the game and you get a text message in
          the text window. Press any key when you are done 
          reading it, and the game will continue.

          Also, the game runs in REAL TIME, that is, while
          you are just sitting there doing nothing, time 
          is passing....

          Thanks to all the beta testers, especially Rick 
          Schokman, for their invaluable comments. I could 
          make this better but other projects are hanging 
          over my head, and I'm REALLY sick of this game :)

Please send comments, suggestions, World Cup tickets, bugs, $$ to:

                Jeffrey M. Bilger
                1501 Harvey Rd. #799
                College Station, Tx.

                or email me at:  jmb8302@cs.tamu.edu 

Also, the source code is available for $25 (U.S.) 
It's not too pretty but I'm cleaning it up right now..
{ lint HATES it!!! :(   }

                      Merry Christmas
                      - Jeff Bilger
                        Wednesday , December 27, 1993 
                        9:31 pm.
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