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Screenshots - Curse of Azriel

Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot
Curse of Azriel atari screenshot

Information - Curse of Azriel

GenreAdventure - RPG (2-D)Year
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisherLAPD
ControlsKeyboard, MouseDistributor-
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Covell, A.A.

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Covell, A.A.

Game design

Covell, A.A.

Box / InstructionsEnglish


Sound FX

Covell, A.A.

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Curse of Azriel Download / MSANumber of Disks2 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Curse of Azriel

          L.A.P.D. Licenceware      


          The Curse Of Azriel.

          A  Fantasy Adventure  
             by A.A. Covell

     The story so far...

     Over nine hundred years had passed 
since Lord Azriel had last walked the 
world. It was said that He came to 
purge the world of evil and bring 
scholarship and enlightenment to those 
that sought it.

     In those days the world had been a 
terrible place ruled by barbarian 
chieftains on land and ruthless pirates 
at sea.

     Lord Azriel brought order to the 
chaos and created the roots of 
civilisation by forming a world of 
justice and equality and inspiring men 
to strive for a better life through 
commerce and trade.

     Since His passing however, His 
deeds were gradually forgotten. Pirates 
were rife once more upon the oceans, 
slavery became a profitable business 
and thieves and cut throats infested 
every city.

     His good works were remembered 
only to a few faithful followers who, 
now outcast by society as religious 
zealots, were forced to confine 
themselves to a small island where they 
could lead a monastic and simple life.

     They raised an immense tower and 
within its walls the servants lived, 
worked, prayed and died.
     Although the servants of Azriel 
led a simple life, as an order they 
were far from poor.

     Throughout the tower the walls 
were adorned with images of Azriel, 
all of which were made of precious 
metals and stones from all over the 
world. The most impressive of all the 
icons however was the immense statue 
of Azriel which stood before the doors 
of the great tower. 

     Standing over four hundred feet 
high with eight strong muscular arms, 
seven of which wielded massive swords, 
weighing four hundred and fifty tons 
and each with a hilt of solid gold,
Azriel stared out to sea from the isle 
which bears His name.

     Adgec Loev prayed silently within 
the confines of his private chambers.

     As life within the order decreed, 
he spent almost all of his waking 
hours meditating before one of the 
towers numerous icons of Lord Azriel.

     The room was bare save for a 
wooden cot in the corner and a table 
fashioned from iron oak from Beckania, 
one of the worlds largest continents.

     Dim light from a single torch 
fitted in a silver sconce played 
dancing shadows across the rough hewn 
granite walls.

     The waves caressing the nearby 
chalk cliffs and the whisper of a light 
south westerly wind were the only 
sounds to come from the Stygian 
blackness beyond the rooms only window.

     His solace was disturbed when, 
from somewhere outside in the 
corridor, there came cries of pain and 

     Adgec raised his weary form from 
the floor and moved towards the door.

     Suddenly the door flew open and 
Adgec was confronted by several men, 
all of whom were armed with various 
assortments of knives, daggers and 

     Overcoming his initial shock, 
Adgec held out both hands before him, 
palms up in the sign of Azrielian 
greeting and friendship.

     One of the men stepped forward, 
raised a cutlass above his head, then 
brought the hilt down, catching Adgec 
with a blow to the temple.

     When Adgec again opened his eyes, 
daylight was streaming into his 
chamber from the narrow window.
He could taste the metallic salty 
taste of blood on his lips, and when 
he raised a hand to his forehead he 
brought it away quickly as the pain 
flooded his entire body like a wave of 
living fire.

     For several minutes he lay still, 
trying to gather his strength before 
struggling to raise himself to his 
feet. Fighting the nausea that seemed 
to be attempting to engulf him, he 
staggered through the door and into 
the corridor. All around him were 
scenes of death and destruction.

     Out of the hundred or so monks 
that inhabited Azriel's Tower less 
than a dozen were left alive.

     When the remaining brothers 
gathered outside they were overcome 
with shock and grief. The huge eight 
armed statue had been toppled onto its 
back and the seven swords of Azriel 
were gone.

     Adgec stood before his fallen 
god and shouted, "Why!. Why O Lord 
Azriel do you permit such sacrilege!."

     The statue spoke. In a voice of 
granite and sulphur it said, "Get me 
to my feet and I shall send forth a 
curse on the wings of a storm!"

     Several monks fell to the floor in 
obeisance. Some whispered, "He speaks!, 
Lord Azriel is with us!"

     The statue's voice grated, "I 
exist through your faith. Now raise me 
and I will send mankind a gift of 
madness. I shall have retribution!"

     Ropes were fastened to the statue 
and when weighted with rocks were hung 
over the cliffs. Slowly, the god 
Azriel raised to stand erect once 
more. The once serene face had changed 
however and was replaced by a bestial 
snarl. A ferocious wind issued forth 
from the open mouth accompanied by 
rolling thunder and arcs of searing 

     Lord Azriel fixed His stony 
countenance to Adgec's trembling form.

     "Go forth now to a city by the 
name of Aron's Bay. Here you will meet 
with someone whom you shall recognise 
by his actions alone. Tell him......"

        You enter the story.

     In this story you play the part of 
a young man. Your father had been dead 
these past five years and your mother 
had remarried. 

     Her new husband however had no 
pretence about being a father figure to 
you and treated you in  much  the way 
he would treat a dog.

     You were forced to work for your 
keep and allowed no money of your own.

     Daily you were beaten and daily 
you dreamed of escape.

     Much of your rare free time was 
spent at the harbour in Aron's Bay 
watching the coming and goings of 
trading vessels from far off places.

     On one such day you were sat 
beside the harbour wall. The sun was 
low in the western sky and gulls 
screeched and wheeled above the 

    Drunken shanties permeated the air 
from the inn further along the road 
where sailors allowed shore leave spent 
their share of captured prizes on wine 
and women.

     It was the first day of a new year 
and you felt you would be relatively 
safe from the press gangs which 
roamed the sea front on most nights.

     Indeed, most of the revellers 
in the inn would be members of such 

     Although you dreamed of escaping 
your drudgery, life as a pressed 
crewman hardly appealed.

     As the first star showed itself 
low in the sky you decided you had 
better head back home. It may be a new 
year, but for you it would be work as 
usual on the 'morrow, feeding cattle 
and cleaning the barn.

     Making your way along the harbour 
front noticed an old man laid beside 
some empty barrels. He wore a grey robe 
made of hessian and open toe sandals. 
His grey beard moved slightly in the 
the gentle breeze, but otherwise he was 
quite still.

     Kneeling beside him you lifted his 
head gently onto your thigh and he 
opened his eyes.

     "What ails thee old man?" you 

     The old man said nothing but 
continued to look into your eyes as 
though he could see through to your 
very soul.

     "Are you hungry?. I have some 
bread and cheese, which though it is 
little I will willingly share with 
you," you said.

     You helped the old man sit up and 
broke your bread and cheese, giving him 
more than half of your meagre meal.

     While you both ate the old man 
continued to look at you, still saying 

     When you had both finished the old 
man said, "You are the one I seek."

     Thinking he was delirious you 
helped him up to sit on a barrel and 
began to make make your excuse to take 
your leave.

     "If you're feeling better then 
I'll be on my way," you said.

     The old man held out a gnarled 
hand. In it was a leather bag.

     "Take this," he said.

     You took the bag and pulled the 
drawstring and looked inside. The bag 
contained a gold piece and some silver 

     Uncertainly you looked from the 
bag to the old man.

     "I am neither feeble in body nor 
feeble in mind," he said.

     "I am a servant of Azriel and I 
have travelled far to find you."

     You stood gaping like a fish fresh 
from a trawler net.

     "Sit with me while I explain," 
said the old man. "My name is Adgec and 
I live in Azriel's Tower."

     "About six months ago pirates 
invaded our monastery and killed many 
of my brothers. They stole many items 
of gold and silver, and somehow they 
managed to steal the swords of Azriel."

     "These swords are so large they 
could only have been carried singly in 
huge salvage vessels."

     "Lord Azriel sent the storm which 
travels the oceans. The pirates were 
caught in the storm and all of the 
ships were sank, but where we know 

     "Lord Azriel sent me to find you. 
He said I would know you by your 
actions, the actions of a good honest 

     You gave Adgec his purse and 
said,"I really have to go. I've got to 
get home and..."

     "I see you have trouble believing. 
You think I'm quite mad!" Adgec 

     "Look yonder. See the the merchant 
with the red pennant?," he said.

     You looked out over the harbour to 
where he pointed.

     "Yes, what of it?" you said.

     "That's my ship," he smiled, "or 
rather it's now your ship."

     Again you looked at him 

     "Come meet your officers," he said 
and set off at a brisk pace along the 
harbour front.

     "What the hell," you thought, "I 
may as well humour him," and followed 

     Your cynicism evaporated into 
disbelief when Adgec mounted the 
gangplank and the first mate reverently 
helped him aboard.

     "Jelac, meet your new captain," 
Adgec said and held out his hand toward 

     The first mate bowed then gave you 
his hand.

     "Now wait a minute," you said, 
"this is all too much too quick!"

     "I don't understand what's afoot 

     "Please," said Adgec,"Jelac here 
will help you all he can. You must find 
the swords and return them to the 

     "This will aid you," he said and 
he held out the leather purse.

     "This will also be extremely 
useful," he said giving you a small 
silver button with a gem set in the 

     "This is The Eye of Azriel. When 
invoked the Eye will return you to the 
time to which it is set."

     "Every time a captain leaves a 
port he is offered the services of a 
surgeon. The surgeons reside with 
others of a scientific temperament, 
including the alchemists."

     In each port we have an alchemist 
who sympathizes with our order. For a 
price he or she will re-charge the Eye 
with a new date."

     "We made it look like a button so 
that it may be sewn onto your coat and 
avoid theft. We think of it as a kind 
of insurance for your success."

     You looked at the Eye resting in 
the palm of your hand.

     "Does it really work?" you asked.

     Adgec smiled. "How many times have 
you been somewhere or done something 
and had the feeling that you had been 
there before?"

     You nodded numbly.

     "That is the Eye at work. Only the 
person who invokes the Eye knows the 
true course of events. That way we 
avoid any possible paradox," beamed 

     "But why me?", you asked. "Why do 
you not find these swords yourself."

     "Surely, Jelac here is more able 
to find the swords than I." you said.

     Adgec smiled softly, "I do the 
bidding of Lord Azriel," he said. "I 
never claimed to understand."

     "For each sword you return you 
will be paid handsomely. You are a good 
man and that alone will protect you 
from the madness".

     "Then why a Merchant I?" you 
asked, "why not a Salvage Vessel that I 
may find the swords straight away?"

     "As I said before," said Adgec, 
"We know not where the swords lie. You 
must travel throughout the world and 
seek information within the inns of 
each and every city."

     "You will find more and learn more 
if it is unknown that you work for the 

     "Now, if you will excuse me, I'll 
be on my way," he said, and with that 
trotted nimbly down the gangplank.

     You turned and looked at the first 

     "Orders captain?," said Jelac.


        This program is NOT P.D.
  It is distributed under licence by

Purveyors of quality PD for the Atari ST
              80 Lee Lane,
                DE75 7HN
             United Kingdom

     For a complete listing of the vast 
range of public domain, shareware and 
licenceware titles available from our 
library simply send a blank disk and a 
s.s.a.e. to the above address and we'll 
forward you a copy of our user-friendly 
disk catalogue. 

          L.A.P.D. Licenceware      


          The Curse Of Azriel.

          A  Fantasy Adventure  
             by A.A. Covell

    ( Requires at least 1mg of RAM )
Playing the game.
     You start the game as a new 
captain with a class 1 merchant ship.

     Your ship is just outside of the 
harbour at Arons Bay. It is equipped 
with six guns,( the minimal amount ), 
and almost a full crew. In the hold 
there is one hundred tons of food, and 
on your person you have one gold piece 
and fifty silver pieces.

     There are two other trading ports 
on the same land mass as Arons Bay. 
Jerum and Mantis are both situated on 
the eastern seaboard. As the Merchant I 
is primarily a coastal vessel it makes 
good sense to trade between these three 
cities before upgrading to a Merchant 
II for trading across the high seas.
     To move your vessel you can either 
use the left mouse button by placing 
the cursor in the general direction in 
which you wish to proceed and clicking 
once, or you can use the arrow keys, 
(see Keyboard Commands).

     You must be careful not to run 
aground as this will cause severe 

     If you press the right mouse 
button you are given a report on the 
ships status, ie, position, cargo, 
crew, guns etc.

Keyboard Commands.
     The following keyboard commands 
may be used while aboard ship.

     Arrow keys.
     UP        Move ship North.
     DOWN      Move ship South.
     RIGHT     Move ship East.
     LEFT      Move ship West.
     HELP      Move ship North West.
     UNDO      Move ship North East.
     INSERT    Move ship South West.
     Clr Home  Move ship South East.

     A      Screen "appear"  On/Off
     D      Docking sequence On/Off.
     S      Stop ship.
     I      Invoke Eye of Azriel.

     The keyboard may also be used 
instead of the mouse throughout the 
     ALT+ARROW KEYS = Move mouse 
     ALT+INSERT   = Left mouse key.
     ALT+Clr Home = Right mouse key.

     If you direct the ship towards a 
port the harbour master will ask you if 
you would like to dock.

     You are given the option of which 
mouse button to use, left to berth or 
right to refuse.

     This method is used for most 
decisions throughout the game.
     When you dock in a port you enter 
the harbour area. From here you can 
recruit crewmen, visit the shipyard, 
enter the city or leave the harbour to 
board your ship.

     You should recruit regularly to 
keep enough crewmen on board for 
running the ship, operating guns and 
releasing for captured prizes.
The crew are unpaid as they do not 
really volunteer to work for you!, 
however they do need food so you should 
always keep a supply of food in the 
hold. Obviously, the bigger the crew 
the faster the food supply is used.

     As recruiting takes place at 
night, each time you recruit one day 
passes. Ensure that there is food on 
the ship for the crew left on board or 
you may find that a good number have 
jumped ship.

Gun Crew Training.
     Certain cities do not allow press 
gangs to recruit crew men. However, 
while at these ports you can hire the 
services of a training instructor to 
make your gun crews more efficient.

     The more efficient your gun crews 
are the faster they can sponge out, re-
load and fire their guns.

     The efficiency of your gun crews 
can be crucial to the outcome of any 
confrontation with pirates. 

The Shipyard.
     When you enter the shipyard you 
have the option of repairing your ship 
or buying a new ship. Costs vary from 
city to city as ships and repair prices 
are governed by the price of timber at 
that particular port. You will notice 
that once a ship has been used it loses 
around three fifths of it's original 

     When changing ships be sure to 
remove all guns and empty the hold as 
the shipwrights lay claim to every 
thing on board once a ship is in their 

Leaving The Harbour.
     When you leave the harbour to 
go back aboard your ship you will be 
asked if you would like to hire a 
surgeon. With a surgeon on board any 
injuries which occur through storms, 
battles, running aground or plague etc, 
will be given necessary treatment. 
Injured crewmen will be back on duty 
within a day or so.

     Without a surgeon on board injured 
crewmen usually die, leaving you with 
less crew to run the ship.  

     After the surgeons offer an 
alchemist will offer to re-charge the 
Eye with the present date.

     As this is an exspensive process 
you should wait until you can afford a 
Merchant II and be able to offer your 
services to the Guild before wasting 
money on keeping the Eye up to date for 
coastal travel.
Invoking The Eye of Azriel.
     You can invoke the Eye at any time 
you are at sea by pressing "I".

     This will return you to the date 
to which the Eye is set.

     The only times you cannot use the 
Eye are when you are in a port, during 
a storm or encountering pirates.

     If you are shipwrecked you will be 
able to invoke the Eye or return to the 
start of the game.    
In The City.
The Trading Post.
     The trading post is the commercial 
centre of each city. The prices are set 
to each of the cities individual needs 
and rise and decrease accordingly.

     If timber is expensive in a port 
then it stands to reason that ship 
building and repairs will also be 
expensive. Likewise, the price of 
minerals in a port will affect the 
price of armaments.
     Arms may be bought and sold at any 
port and may prove to be quite 

     Use the left mouse button for 
small amounts or the right mouse button 
for large amounts.
The Mayors.
     Visit the mayor before each voyage 
and for a minimal sum he will give 
information on the commodities to trade 
for the best profits.

     When you first start a game the 
mayor will inform you of the prices in 
the two nearby cities.

     To ask for the location and prices 
of other towns and cities you can enter 
just the first three letters of the 
place name.

The Armoury.
     There are several kinds of guns 
available for use on your ship, each 
having it's own advantage or 
disadvantage. For instance, a carronade 
is excellent for fighting  at close 
quarters because of it's huge punch but 
is useless at longer ranges. On the 
other hand, a culverin has the 
advantage of the longer range with the 
disadvantage of less hit power. Each 
ship is fitted with one of each kind of 
weapon as standard, the rest of the 
guns used depends entirely upon the 
captains preference.

     The prices of arms are governed by 
the price of minerals in each 
particular city, in the same way as the 
price of timber affects the cost of 
ship building and repairs.

     Trading in arms can prove quite 
profitable in a short time.
The Guild.
     The guildmen are the upper class 
statesmen of the cities. Working for 
the guild can reap rich rewards.

The Inn.
     As in any city the inn is always 
the place to listen to local gossip. 
Some things you learn may aid you, some 
may be just rumour.

     The inn is also a place where you 
can try your luck on the roll of the 
dice. As elsewhere try using both mouse 

The Gate House.
     From here you can load or save 
your position in the game.

     You can save or load from any one 
of five slots.

     If you wish to use a seperate disk 
for saving\loading then use a blank 
formatted disk and follow the prompts.

     The Gate Keeper charges one gold 
piece for his services.
The Bank.
     Monies due to you, from the guild 
or your share of captured prizes etc, 
are paid directly into your bank 
account. The interest rate fluctuates 
as do the prices of commodities.

     Again use both mouse buttons.

     Once away from the coast line you 
are open to attack from pirates.

     As the captain of the ship it is 
your duty to keep enough crew available 
for gun crew duty, each gun requires 
five men. If you do not not have enough 
crew for the guns you are carrying, 
then you must choose which guns are to 
be manned. Your decision will effect 
the outcome of any encounter.

     It is the captains responsibility 
to ensure the safety of his ship, crew 
and cargo. Once battle has commenced 
the captain becomes a lonely figure who 
can only watch and await the outcome. 

     Merchant ships are designed for 
carrying large cargoes so most of the 
room below decks is given over to the 
hold. This leaves less space for 
defensive weapons.

     You may survive one encounter but 
another could cost you your crew, cargo 
and gold.

The Breath of Azriel.
     The other major danger at sea is 
the huge storm which blows from the 
North West. Known as The Breath Of 
Azriel this storm can cause untold 
damage to a ship away from the 
protective coast lines.

     Trade well and wisely and you may 
     This game was written entirely in 
STOS Basic and is licenced to L.A.P.D. 
for distribution.

     If you copy the disks then please 
leave all documentation intact.
     L.A.P.D. will take whatever action 
they consider necessary to protect the 
rights of their licenceware authors from 
unlicenced distribution of any 
licenceware programs.

     Copyright of this program and 
accompanying documents belongs to:

             A.A. Covell,
            158 East Lane,
           South Yorkshire.
               DN7 5HQ     

        This program is NOT P.D.

  It is distributed under licence by

Purveyors of quality PD for the Atari ST
              80 Lee Lane,
                DE75 7HN
             United Kingdom

     For a complete listing of the vast 
range of public domain, shareware and 
licenceware titles available from our 
library simply send a blank disk and a 
s.s.a.e. to the above address and we'll 
forward you a copy of our user-friendly 
disk catalogue.

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