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Screenshots - Crossword Editor ST

Crossword Editor ST atari screenshot
Crossword Editor ST atari screenshot
Crossword Editor ST atari screenshot

Information - Crossword Editor ST

GenreBoard Game - ScrabbleYear1991
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from-

Green, Adrian

CountryNew Zealand
Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Green, Adrian

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Crossword Editor ST Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Crossword Editor ST

*        Documentation for "Crossword-Editor ST" version 2.0               *
*                                                                          *
*                   Written by Adrian Green 1991.                          *

    ----------     This version is public domain      -----------

    Crosssword Editor ST is an easy to use,GEM based crossword-creation 
program.This program has been designed to be used by anyone interested in
crosswords.Whether you want to design or solve crosswords,then this program
will prove of use.This program works in medium and high screen resolutions.
It should also work on any monitor/graphics system that sets up GEM 

    The program can be used in two ways.Firstly you can solve crosswords in
"Solve mode".Secondly you can create and print your own crosswords in 

Solve mode:

    When you first load the program,it will automatically be in this mode.
This mode allows crosswords to be loaded from disk and then solved.To enter
create mode,choose CREATE from under the MODE menu.Likewise, when you are 
in create mode you enter solve mode by choosing SOLVE from the MODE menu.
	In solve mode you can load a pre-defined crossword file from disk and 
solve it.Note that all crossword files have the .CRW file-extender.The clues
for the crossword will appear in the clues window,to the right of the
crossword window.
	To solve a crossword,you type your letters into the crossword using a
cursor.To make the cursor appear simply click in a white square in the 
crossword window.This square will be inverted.Then type your letters,you
can move the cursor arround using the arrow keys or the mouse pointer.The
program will tell you when you have solved the crossword.You can save your
unfinished solution to a crossword using the SAVE SOLUTIONS option.

Create mode:

    In this mode you can create and edit your own custom crosswords.To enter
create mode,select CREATE from under the MODE menu.When you first enter this
mode you will see a blank clues window and a black square grid in the
crossword window.The default size used for crosswords is 13 by 13.You may
also choose any other size you desire between 3x3 and 50x50 by selecting SET
NEW SIZE from the OPTIONS menu.
    In order to enter a new word into your crossword you must click at the
appropriate position in the grid in the crossword window.Once you have
chosen the position for the new word you must enter its details into a 
dialog box.If the word is acceptable in that position then it will be
entered into the crossword otherwise you will be asked to change it.
	If you click on a square that is already occupied then you will be
asked to select the across or down direction.Further dialog boxes must then
be filled according to the current status of that position and direction.A
major feature of the program to keep in mind is that you are actively
prevented from incorrectly entering data.For instance numbers can only be 
entered once,you cannot incorrectly overwrite words etc.

Configuration file:
	Choosing SAVE CONFIGURATION saves all user adjustable screen and printer
options to disk.So that when you choose LOAD CONFIGURATION all these options
are set to your chosen values.Also your chosen printer driver and any GDOS
fonts are loaded(see below).

Printing crosswords:

	Before printing your crossword you must select a printer driver.You can
also change the fonts that are to be used.These will appear in the window
in a WYSIWYG fashion.(See help files).
	The printer drivers included with this program are for Epson LX-800 and
IBM proprinter II but will work with many other printers.If you don't have
a compatable printer then you will have to edit a printer driver in a text
editor(See help files for more details).For large crosswords,use the printer
drivers that print quadruple density graphics(240 dpi).

Online help:

	Help is provided by text files that can be loaded into the "help" window
.To activate this window,select HELP from the WINDOWS menu or press the help
key.To load a help file,select LOAD HELP FILE from the OPTIONS menu.If you
wish you can make your own text file.You can load any ASCII file with a .hlp
extender into this window.


	This program provides these.Any menu item with a caret(^) and a letter
to the right of it can be activated by pressing control and that letter 
simultaneously.If you own a resource editor then you can change the hotkeys
simply by altering the menu entries to include your own keys with a caret in
front of them(just like on the MAC!!).
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