Core Wars

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Screenshots - Core Wars

Core Wars atari screenshot
Core Wars atari screenshot
Core Wars atari screenshot
Core Wars atari screenshot
Core Wars atari screenshot

Information - Core Wars

Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
Players-DeveloperS.A.D. Enterprises
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from-

Hoofe, C.H. / Hauke, R.

Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Hoofe, C.H. / Hauke, R.

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Core Wars Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Core Wars

=== Hello World ========================================================
'Core Wars' is a battle between two programs inside your computer. 
The language used to write the programs closely resembles an assembler    
language with a set of 10 instructions.
Our Version 2.1E for the Atari ST is implemented according to the
Core War Standards as of May 21,1986.

The Core War Standards are available at the following adress: 

     Mark Clarkson
     8619 Wassall Street
     Kansas 67210-1934

     Please enclose a 4-dollar-bill (...oops...)
Several articles dealing with Core Wars have been published in 
'Scientific American'.
In the german edition of 'Scentific American' articels about Core
Wars were published at the following dates: 8/84, 5/85 and 4/87.
Normally the original article is published one or two month before
it is published in Germany.

=== The following files are included with our version 2.1E =============

 MARS.ARC                 This file contains our MARS program together
                          with BROWSER, an useful accesory, and an EDITOR
BROWSE   ACC    10056     which can be used to write your own battle 
EDITOR   PRG    29250     programs.
MARS     PRG    32129
MARS     RSC     5440
EDITOR   TXT     1741
MARS     TXT     8312

                          These are ready-to-load battle programs.
FACTA    RED      158
KNIRPS   RED       22
MICE     RED      200
MIDGET   RED      109
MINID    RED       52
NOTHING  RED       36
COMMAND1 RED      333
CHANG1   RED      234
LOCUST   RED      149

===  MARS operating instructions =====================================

     ==  Dropdown-Menu Select  ==

     Load Programs
     ...lets you select the two battle programs, which must have .RED
     as file name extension. The file selector box is shown twice, one
     for each program. Battle programs should not exceed a length of
     10000 bytes of source code including comments. So, if you write very long 
     programs, keep your comments short, else the program won't load.
     Each program is now moved to a random position in memory, and it is
     made sure that they don't overlap. If MARS find an illegal instruction
     it prints an error message and exits, otherwise execution of the
     'battle' starts immediately.  

     ...lets you change some default values such as:
     Core Size             sets the size of the 'battle field'
     Instructions          determines the number of instructions executed
                           before the battle stops. A value of e.g. 1000  
                           means that each of the two programs executes
                           500 instructions.
     Repeat                lets you repeat the battle between the same 
                           programs any number of times without you 
                           having to select the programs each time.
     ...invokes an editor of your choice. Simply rename your own editor
     to EDITOR.PRG and use it from MARS. We hope that this feature 
     works with most editors, but of course one can never be sure...
     ...shows the result of the most recent battle.


     == Dropdown-Menu Output ==

     ...lets you watch the battle by printing each instruction currently
     being executed. A single line always shows two instructions, one of
     each program. Pushing any key causes a break in program execution,
     pressing the key again make the battle continue. Push the ESC-key
     to terminate the battle.

     ...opens a window representing the battle field in which the upper
     left corner is the lowest adress and the bottom right corner the
     highest adress. Inside this window, the first and second program
     are represented by checkered squares and grey squares, respectively.
     With each instruction of either program, a checkered or grey square
     appears at its corresponding position. Additionally, after execution
     of a MOV instruction, a white square appears at the destination 
     adress of the MOV.

     ...lets you save all printed text output to a disc file named 
     COREWARS.REC. This feature allows for a closer examination of 
     the battle after the 'battle is over', but also slows down 
     execution speed considerably.

     == Dropdown-Menu MODE ==

     Single Step
     This mode only works while the TEXT window is open. In that case,
     each program executes one instruction, and then MARS waits for you
     to push a key. This repeats every time you push the space bar.
     Pushing any other key turns off single step mode. 

     Single Player 
     For debugging purposes it can sometimes be useful to just run a
     single program instead of two. Voila, here you go...     

     Fixed Adress
     If this mode is active the first program is loaded at the lowest
     adress in memory, while the second program is moved to a random
     position. Again, this is sometimes useful for debugging or testing
     your 'warrior'.

     If this mode is selected and the interpreter comes across an illegal
     adressing mode or operand, it prints a warning message as usual, but
     continues to read the rest of the source. This makes it possible to
     make your 'warrior' behave in ways different from those provided by
     the regular instruction set. However, try to avoid this programming
     style, since the programms using this feature might not behave the
     same on all versions of 'Core Wars'.
     ...shows you the REDCODE instruction set and syntax.

     == ESC-key   ======================================================
     Anytime you wish to interrupt an ongoing battle, simply push the

     Although our version of CORE WARS is otherwise close to perfect
     ( isn't it ?!?) , it does not provide for arithmetic operations 
     on labels and operands. Sorry, but you'll just have to live with 

=== Additional programs   ==============================================
In the MARS directory you find an editor named EDITOR.PRG. It was written
by U. Romahn and is a public domain program. Unfortunately for you
ladies and gentlemen out there, this is a German program and therefore 
the messages are printed in German. File EDITOR.TXT contains some 
operating instructions to help you with this problem.
Another excellent little accessory, BROWSE.ACC, can be used to have a
look at text files. It shows all characters including line feeds and
carriage return. Push the HELP key for more information.

     A note on labels:
     While in executing mode, MARS tries to find a label named START
     and begins execution at this position. If there is no such label
     execution begins at the first program line. 
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