Cops and Robbers Chess

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Screenshots - Cops and Robbers Chess

Cops and Robbers Chess atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers Chess atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers Chess atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers Chess atari screenshot
Cops and Robbers Chess atari screenshot

Information - Cops and Robbers Chess

GenreBoard Game - MiscellaneousYear2005
LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboard, JoystickDistributor
Players1 vs. 2DeveloperOutland Quest Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Scott, Larry / Scott, Kevin

Graphic Artist(s)SoftwareEnglish
Game designBox / InstructionsEnglish
Musician(s)LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FXSerial
Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Cops and Robbers Chess Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Cops and Robbers Chess

'    Cops and Robbers Chess
' By Kevin Scott and Larry Scott
' (C) 2005 Outland Quest Software
' The First National Bank has just
' been robbed! The gang of robbers
' have fled to the roof pursued by
' a group of cops. Now the showdown
' has begun as cops and robbers
' struggle to get the upper hand
' on their opponents.
' Cops and Robbers Chess is a two
' player strategy chess type game
' in which you use pushing and
' strategy techniques to remove
' your opponent from off the roof.
' Whoever has the last pieces
' standing  wins, however a
' stalemate is also possible.
' Each player has two moves per turn.
' The possible moves are as follows:
' 1) A player may move to an adjoining
'    empty square either directly
'    above, below, left, or right.
' 2) A player may PUSH another piece
'    that is above, below, left, or
'    right of their piece. The piece
'    that is pushed will move a
'    maximum of FOUR squares in the
'    direction pushed.
'    Either another piece or a cloud
'    will stop their movement before
'    a fall will occur.
'    The piece that is doing the
'    pushing is repelled back ONE
'    space in the opposite direction.
'    This piece also will not move if
'    blocked by another piece or a
'    cloud.
' 3) A piece that is standing on one
'    of the four exhaust fans can
'    activate the fan by clicking on
'    the RED area of the square. This
'    will propel the piece in the air.
'    By using the joystick or arrow
'    keys, he can control to a LIMITED
'    extent where his piece will land.
'    If he lands on another piece he
'    will remove that piece from the
'    game. Care should be taken when
'    using these fans as the piece
'    may itself fall either off the
'    building or into the skylight.
'    Since this is such a strong move
'    it is only allowed ONCE per turn.
' 4) A piece can activate a lightning
'    bolt if a piece is standing on
'    the square directly next to the
'    cloud. By clicking on the white
'    cloud, the cloud will emit a bolt
'    lightning removing the piece
'    that is hit.
' JOYSTICK and KEYBOARD assignments.
' Because of the nature of some of the
' elements of this game, the mouse is
' not used. Movement and actions are
' as follows:
' Joystick or Arrow Keys:
'   Moves the selection cursor.
'   Moves the piece selector.
'   Also controls to a LIMITED
'   extent a piece that is
'   blown into the air by a fan.
' Fire Button,Space Bar,or Enter.
'   Selects an action.
'   These are as follows:
'     -Select a piece
'     -Select a square to move to.
'     -Select a piece to push.
'     -Select a cloud to strike
'        lightning at piece.
'     -Select a fan to blow a
'        piece into the air.
' Q Key.
'   Quits game. The player with
'   the most pieces left wins.
' S Key.
'   Toggles the SCOREBOARD Off/On
' Even though this program is
' copyrighted, it is freely
' distributable and no restrictions
' are imposed on the use of it.
' However, the graphics and code
' are copyrighted and cannot be
' used in any other program or
' facsimile in whole or part
' without the authors written
' consent.
' This program is deemed 'tradeware'.
' This means that we have released it
' to the Atari community as a way of
' saying thanks to all Atari gamers
' out there and to do our part to help
' keep the Atari dream alive. All we
' ask is that if you play this game
' more than once and enjoy it then
' send us something in 'trade'.
' This can be anything! Of course
' money is always accepted :) but
' other suggestions might be a
' a program or game you've written,
' a poem, a picture, a good joke,
' a review of the game, or anything
' else you wish to share. We've
' spent a considerable amount of
' time writing this program and
' only ask that you share something
' back with us. Please DON'T however
' send us copyrighted material or
' anything of a sexual or lewd content.
' Send your TRADES to:
' Or you can snail mail it to:
' Outland Quest Software
' 598 Indian Trail Rd. S.#240
' Indian Trail, NC 28079
' Thanks for downloading and playing
' Cops and Robbers Chess!
' Released for the Atari ST
' Computers in the year 2005!!!!!!!!
' Kevin L. Scott
' Outland Quest Software
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