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Frosty - 21/05/2022
Wow, I'd forgotten this game existed. It was pretty enjoyable but the game was EXTREMELY slow when it came to saving the game, so early teen bad programmer me went into the STOS basic code and optimised how the save routine worked. I think that was the first time I ever worked on somebody else's code.

Screenshots - Conquest

Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot

Information - Conquest

GenreStrategy - WargameYear1991
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsMouseDistributorGoodman International
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Effemey, Ralph

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)


Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Conquest Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Conquest

                                By RALPH EFFEMEY                                
    The object of CONQUEST is simply to survive for one year in the land of     
your choice. To do this you will need to rule wisely, strongly and efficiently. 
   Start the game by pressing any key when requested and enter your name. If    
                you don't give a name you will be allocated one!                
     If you have played before and survived a whole year you will have been     
   given the name of the next land to conquer; if not, then just press return   
                                when requested.                                 
       You will now be asked to choose the attribute you prefer for your        
    MILITARY: This choice will give you a larger army but at the expense of     
                                 food and gold.                                 
        AGRICULTURAL: This will give you more seed corn and extra food.         
        THRIFTY: This choice will give you more gold but a smaller army.        
  GENEROUS: This will give your subjects good health and a high morale but at   
                      the expense of gold in your coffers.                      
         ************************* MENU CHOICES ***********************         
                              MAIN MENU:..........                              
         BUY: Here you can buy extra food-if you have the enough gold!          
         SELL: Here you can sell your food-if your subjects have enough         
       SOW SEEDS: If you have enough free land you can sow your seeds to        
                           increase your food supply.                           
       REAP CROP: If your crop is ripe then you can gather your crop, but       
            you will have to allocate a number of villagers to this             
             task-and it takes time! The more villagers the quicker             
                                  the harvest.                                  
         BUILD HOUSES: The health and morale of your people depends on          
           their comfort and their comfort depends on how many houses           
          you build for them. But be warned, too many houses and they           
           become too satisfied! This will mean a massive increase in           
                               the birth rate!!!                                
      BUILD DEFENCES: The stronger your defences, the greater the likely-       
          hood of surviving an attack. Defences are built from trees.           
       LIVESTOCK: Livestock fend for themselves and do not consume any of       
            your food but can be a life saver in times of hardship.             
       TREES: Trees are one of your most treasured possessions. From them       
           you can build boats, houses and defences. Use them wisely!           
      INVENTOR: You should try and visit your inventor at least once every      
            other day if you have time. The items your inventor will            
         invent from time to time include crossbows (these will double          
          your fighting ability), a telescope (gives early warning of           
          an attack) and a hot air balloon (gives even earlier warning          
                                 of an attack).                                 
       BOATS: The number of boats you build effect the number of fish you       
                                   may catch.                                   
       FISHING: This is determined by the number of boats you have built.       
         (See above). You can only fish once a day-if your boats are in         
                                  good repair.                                  
        DISTRIBUTE FOOD: This is one of your most important actions and         
          should be your first action when starting. Let's explain-the          
           food in your warehouses is not available to your subjects            
                unless you make it available by distributing it!                
          All food bought and sold is done via your warehouses, except          
                  when you sell food direct to your subjects.                   
               Why distribute food for free when you can sell it?               
          The answer is sell food when you need gold, but          
         your subjects might not agree to buy the food and even if they         
          do they might not be able to raise the asking price which is          
          set by the simple formula of supply and demand. Also, giving          
          food away raises your rating as a kind and loving ruler and           
          your subjects will fight all the harder for you if the need           
         BIRTHS: This will give you the latest number of births in your         
            Kingdom. This is based on a variety of factors including            
            your subjects health, their comfort and, of course, the             
                              number of subjects.                               
       DEATHS: As above. Deaths will increase in winter so make sure you        
                    have enough food and a large population!                    
       INJURIES: Injuries can and will happen. If a soldier is injured he       
                       will leave the army to recuperate.                       
       This the most important section as you will probably spend a great       
                            deal of time in combat.                             
      RECRUITMENT: This is the most cost effective way to build your army       
           but beware! You will be extremely lucky to recruit all the           
                                men you ask for!                                
       CONSCRIPTION: Desperate times call for desperate measures and this       
         way is desperate because you have to BUY your army! Not enough         
                               gold and NO army!                                
         TRAINING: Training takes 20 days. No more and no less! You can         
           defend in an untrained state but your army's effectiveness           
          will be reduced according to how long they still have to be           
             trained. You cannot launch an attack until you army is             
                                 fully trained.                                 
        DEFEND: Click on here when you want to defend your subjects from        
           attack. Depending on the inventions available to you, you            
                will receive varying degrees of warning of this.                
         ATTACK: If you feel the need, you can attack your neighbours.          
            You will be asked for your target and your campaign army            
         will make its own way to the target, attack and(if successful)         
         make its own way home. If you attack a village your army will          
          always be successful but if you attack a castle then it all           
              depends on the strength and skill of your army. The               
            advantages of attacking a castle is that you will almost            
           always pillage more food and you will empty the coffers of           
       SKIRMISHERS: Sending out skirmishers is a good idea if you have a        
          large army with men to spare because if they stumble across           
         any patrols of your enemy then they will attack. This reduces          
                   the attacking army and helps your defence.                   
        INSTRUCT SPY: Sending your spys to various locations will inform        
           you of the wealth of your neighbours. It's no good sending           
           your campaign army to a poor village! You have 5 spys but            
      each spy will only make one trip. For security reasons your spy will      
           only carry one message and this is information on the last           
           place he visited. If he meets the main army of your enemy            
              he will fight to escape-he may or may not be lucky!               
        SPY MESSAGE: Click here to read the message of your chosen spy.         
        SPY TRAINING: As ARMY above but spy training only takes 10 days.        
         HEALTH(ARMY): This tells you the number and state of health of         
                                   your army.                                   
        HEALTH(VILLAGERS): This tells you the number and state of health        
                               of your villagers.                               
             The STATUS menu will give an update on the following:              
             ACREAGE,TREES,FOOD(in store),HOUSES,DEFENCES and DATE.             
                              AND FINALLY.........                              
                            QUIT: Self explanitory!                             
                        RE-START: Also self-explanitory!                        
                              INFO: Copyright etc.                              
                              HINTS 'n' TIPS.....                               
         Don't give your subjects too much food-they'll multiply at an          
                                 alarming rate!                                 
           Visit your inventor as often as possible (but don't make a           
                            nuisance of yourself!).                             
                       Keep checking your status screen.                        
         You will experience all four seasons in the course of one year         
         assuming you last that long. So ensure you have built up your          
           population's health and number and have a large amount of            
         food in store. Remember, you cannot gather crops in winter or          
                      fish because the water freezes over!                      
       Have as large an army as you can afford-yes, you have to pay your        
                    army so make sure you have enough gold!                     
          Choose to attack targets fairly close to you if you can. The          
         reason for this is because your campaign army can occasionally         
       come under attack from bandits who will steal half your returning        
       army's plunder! The risk is reduced the smaller distance you have        
                  to travel and the larger your campaign army.                  
           Your subjects continually pay tax to you in return for you           
     protecting them from agressors. However, they can not pay you if they      
      run out of gold so don't ask them to buy too much food just to line       
                               your own coffers!                                
        Incidentally, "P" pauses the game so that you can go for a "P"!         
          ************************ GOOD LUCK!!! **********************  
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