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Screenshots - Conquest

Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot
Conquest atari screenshot

Information - Conquest

GenreStrategy - WargameYear1990
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
Players1, 2+Developer-
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Fransson, Henrik

Graphic Artist(s)

Fransson, Henrik

Game design

Fransson, Henrik

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Fransson, Henrik

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Conquest Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Conquest

  CONQUEST   Version 1.0

     Conquest is a strategy game in where the aim is to conquer
     a number of islands. The scenery is set on some distant planet.

      When the game has loaded, there are some preselections that
     must be made:
     In the GAME SELECTIONS you select number of human players (max 8),
     number of computer players (enemies, max 8) and number of islands
     in the game (1-3). The total number of human and computer players
     may not exceed 9.

     In ENEMY LEVEL, the skill and power of the computer players is
     selected. A skill level of 3 represents the same basic conditions
     for computer players as for the the human players.

     Finally you type in your name in the NAME SELECTION. Names 
     containing only spaces as well as names already typed in by other
     players are not valid.

     The game will now show a map of the island Apogea, together with
     nine icons to the left of the map and an information line at the 
     top. All vital information during the game will be presented on
     the information line. The icons make selection of different actions
     in the game easy. The different use of these are:

     1st icon   CHANGE MAP

                Clicking here changes the screen to show one of the 
                other islands (if more than one was selected in the
                GAME SELECTIONS). Continous clicking cycles through
                all islands.

     2nd icon   SHORT INFO

                This icon provides information of how much cash the 
                player has, how many order he has given so far this 
                turn and the season of the year. This info is given 
                on the information line.

     3rd icon   PLAYER INFO

                Selecting this icon gives you the following information:
                Current player's name
                Number of territories owned 
                Number of fortresses owned
                Yearly income
                Total size of infantry forces
                Total size of cavalry forces     
                Total size of fleet

     4th icon   BUY FORCES

                As the name suggests, this is where you buy your 
                military forces such as infantry, cavalry and fleet.
                You must have selected a destination before you click
                on this icon, that is, the territory where the purchased
                forces will go. If you haven't done that, you will be
                informed on the information line. (To select a
                destination, just click on the desired territory-flag;
                if the territory isn't hostile, the flag will start 
                A dialog box will now appear in which you can choose
                your desired amount of forces to buy. Clicking on the
                dubbel-arrows decrements/increments infantry and cavalry
                by 50000, fleet by 10. Clicking on single-arrows 
                decremenus/increments infantry and cavalry by 1000 and
                fleet by 1.
                Clicking two times within approx. 1/2 sec. on either
                arrow and holding button down causes repetetive 
                Costs (also shown on the information line):  
                   Infantry - $50 000/1000 units
                   Cavalry - $100 000/1000 units
                   Fleet   - $250 000/unit
                Note that fleet cannot be buyed when destination hasn't
                got any coastline.                                 

     5th icon   MOVE FORCES              

                This icon lets you move your forces from one territory
                to another. A source from which the forces will be moved
                must already have been selected (only territories owned
                by you can be selected as source). When clicked, you will
                be asked to select a destination for your forces (just
                click on an adjacent territory-flag). A dialog box similar
                to that one in BUY FORCES (4th icon) will be shown.
                The procedure to select forces to move is the same.  
                 If the destination is occupied by enemy forces battle
                will occur. It is however important to remember that the
                movements you do here will be taken by the computer as 
                orders, which will be executed during the combat phase
                (more of that later). This means that no movements or
                battle will commence directly after selections have been

     6th icon   NAVAL MOVE

                Clicking on this icon enables you to move your fleet.
                You will then be asked to select a destination for the
                fleet. This destination must be a territory with a 
                coastline, otherwise selection will not be approved.
                When a valid destination has been selected, a dialog box
                will appear where you can choose the size of the fleet
                to move. Then you have the option to man the fleet with
                an attackforce of infantry. Each ship in the fleet may 
                take 1000 units, so the maximum attackforce will be 
                1000*nr of ships. This maximum fleet capacity is shown
                on the information line.                 
                 The naval movements chosen here will not be executed
                immediately. Instead they will be taken as orders to be
                executed during the combat-phase.                                          
                 Note that cavalry are not available as attackforce in
                naval move.

     7th icon   BUY FORTRESS

                A fortress is an easy way to strengthen a territory's
                defensive powers. They are however not indestructible
                during combat.
                 To buy a fortress, select a destination (a territory
                owned by you) and click this icon. There is no visual
                appearence of fortresses on the map, so that enemies
                cannot know if a territory has a fortress or not 
                without spying (more of that later).
                Cost:  $1000 000                
                 Note that a territory can only hold one fortress at
                a time.

     8th icon   OK
                Clicking this icon indicates that you are satisfied 
                with what you have done during your turn.
                Control will be transfered to the next human player
                (if any left) or computer player.

     9th icon   FILE
                This icon handles all file options:
                A/B  -  Selects which drive is 'file-drive'
                Load -  Loads an already saved game
                Save -  Saves the current game. The game position saved
                        is the last season-change. Any actions and
                        orders given after last season-change will NOT
                        be saved.
                Quit -  Quits the game. This option also gives you the
                        opportunity to start a new game.                         


     It is possible to get specific territory information by double-
     clicking on a specific territory(-flag). 
     There is two possible cases:
     1 - The territory is friendly, eg owned by you. You'll get the
         following information

         TERRITORY INFORMATION          Territory-name

         DEFENCE                        Infantry

         INCOME                         Tax

     Taxes depends on population.
     Farming depends on size of territory.
     Forests depends on amount of trees on the map in that territory.
     Fishing depends on size of coastline.
     Mines depends on amount of mountains on the map in that territory.

     The conclusion of this is that territories with large population,
     large territory size, many trees and mountains and a large coast-
     line makes the biggest income.

     2 - The territory is hostile. The only information given will be
         which player owns the territory. You will however be given the
         option to spy on the actual territory. This costs $500 000.

         The SPY REPORT contains the following information:

         Forces of Infantry
         Forces of Cavalry

         These figures may or may not be reliable. If they are followed
         by an asterisk (*), data are most likely to be unreliable.


     During the computer phase, all computer players make their tactical
     dispositions. The higher level you have chosen in the ENEMY LEVEL
     selection, the more aggressive they will act. 
     If all computer players are exterminated, this stage will be


     This is where all the action takes place. During this phase, all
     orders given by all players are executed in random order. This
     means that orders given at the beginning of the turn may be executed
     at the very end of the combat phase. This gives no player special
     advantages over other players.
      Every order where battle occurs in which at least one human player
     is involved, will be detailed. Battles where computer player fights
     another computer player will not be reported at all. The visual 
     outcome of these battles on the map is possible flag changes.
     A detailed battle goes like this;
     An arrow originating at source territory pointing at destination 
     territory shows the imminent attack. If the attack comes from sea,
     naval attack (fleet attack), the destination will start flashing.
     No information will be given of the source of attack.
     If the arrow is broken it means that the territory from where the
     attacking forces originates has been occupied by another player.
     Click left mouse button to proceed. Once again you will be informed
     of the source and destination of attack, but now in text form.
     Clicking OK-button proceeds with the battle.
     When the battle is over the losses for both attack side and
     defence side will be shown. Figures in parenthesis are percentage
     losses of total participating forces of each kind.
     Once again clicking the OK-button will present the outcome of the
     battle. There are a number of alternatives which a battle can lead
     to. The outcome depends on various things, such as losses, remaining
     defensive forces, remaining attacking forces and possible retreat
     If the attacking forces wins the battle they will advance into 
     the hostile territory and take control. The territory will then
     be flagged as friendly.


     When battle occurs, the computer internally simulates the attack 
     as follows:
     1 - infantry fights infantry
     2 - cavalry fights cavalry
     3 - infantry and cavalry fights mixed  
     4 - attacking forces atuempts to storm the fortress (if present).
     When infantry and cavalry fights mixed (3), one cavalry unit have
     the strength of approx. two infantry units.


     Every year in the game concists of four seasons: spring, summer,
     autumn and winter. At every new year all players gets their yearly
     income. This income is the sum of all incomes of all teritories
     owned by each player (see TERRITORY INFORMATION above).
     This is the only income in the game. It is advisable not to ruin
     yourselves immediatly...
     At the start of the game all human players will have a capital of
     $7500 000 to invest.


     The game ends when there is only one player left in the game,
     either human or computer player. 

     If you have any questions about the game, contact:

       Henrik Fransson
       Fagersbergsgatan 3
       531 41  LIDKOPING, SWEDEN

       Phone: 0510-29746

     Hope you enjoy the game!

     Henrik Fransson     1990-06-07  
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