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Screenshots - Cadenza

Cadenza atari screenshot

Information - Cadenza

GenreBoard Game - CheckersYear1986
LanguageCompiled PascalPublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperCadenza Software
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from-

Bergman-Terrell, Eric

Graphic Artist(s)

Fischer, Robert

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Cadenza Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Cadenza

                         Gem Cadenza User's Guide

Gem Cadenza is a checkers program for Atari ST computers.  This
program is in the public domain, so you can make and distribute
copies of this program.  Since many people have forgotten some of
the rules of checkers, please read all of the rules before playing.
Enjoy the program!

The Rules of Checkers:

Squares on the checkerboard are numbered as follows:


|   |  1|   |  2|   |  3|   |  4|  [Red's king row]
|  5|   |  6|   |  7|   |  8|   |
|   |  9|   | 10|   | 11|   | 12|
| 13|   | 14|   | 15|   | 16|   |
|   | 17|   | 18|   | 19|   | 20|
| 21|   | 22|   | 23|   | 24|   |
|   | 25|   | 26|   | 27|   | 28|
| 29|   | 30|   | 31|   | 32|   |  [Black's king row]


Moving the pieces:

Black makes the first move, and players alternate until  the
game is over.  A player must make a move if possible i.e. he/she
may not pass.  A move is either a simple move or a  capture.
A  simple  move  for  a  black  piece  is a move to an empty
adjacent diagonal  square  in  the  downward  direction.   A
simple  move  for a red piece is a move to an empty adjacent
diagonal square in the upward direction.  If a  piece  makes
it  to  the  opposite  end of the board (its king row) it is
crowned and may move to any of the four squares adjacent  to
it that are empty.


A piece or a king captures in the  same  direction  that  it
moves.   A  capture is possible when one's piece or king can
jump over an enemy piece placed in a square  that  otherwise
the  capturing  piece  or king could move to, and land on an
empty square on the diagonal immediately beyond the jumped -
over  enemy  piece.   A  captured  piece is removed from the
board.  If after a capture the capturing piece  is  eligible
to  capture  another  piece, it must.  The only exception to
this rule is when a piece makes a  capture  and  is  thereby
crowned  -  then  it  must  wait  for  the  next turn before
capturing again.  In general, whenever there is at least one
capture  available to a player during his/her turn, he/she
MUST make one of the captures.


The game is over when during his turn a player  cannot  move
(either  because  all  of  his  pieces have been captured or
because he/she cannot legally move his remaining pieces).
This player is the loser of the game.

Playing the Computer Game:

The program is available in two forms, as a regular program,
and also as a desk accessory.  To run the program,
double-click the file named "cadenza.prg".  To run the desk
accessory, place the file cadenza.acc in the root directory
of your boot disk.  (In other words, do not place this file
in a folder).

As your pieces are black, you will be making the first  move
of the game.  Black pieces, black kings, red pieces, and red
kings are represented by "*", "**", "O",  "OO", respectively.

To make a move place the mouse in the square from which the move
begins and then press the left mouse button.  Then move the mouse
to the square being moved to, and press the left mouse button.

Cheating is not allowed, so moves will be accepted  until  a
legal one is entered. The game ends when either player wins,
or when the human player's patience is exhausted.  A  record
of  the  game (in standard checkers notation) is stored in a
file named gamerec.txt.  (Note: the desk accessory version
of this program does not create the gamerec.txt file).

If you enjoy this program, please send $5.00 (USA) to one
of its authors:

Eric Bergman-Terrell                  Robert Fischer
1704 Imperial Ridge                   80 Killdeer Road
Las Cruces, NM  88001                 Hamden, CT  06517
USA                                   USA

Program Source Code:

Complete commented source code for the program (in O.S.S.
Personal Pascal) is available.  Send $10.00 to either of
the authors, and he will send you a disk containing the
source code.

Trivia - Cadenza

Supports ST High Resolution

Cadenza Trivia
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