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Screenshots - Blagst

Blagst atari screenshot
Blagst atari screenshot
Blagst atari screenshot

Information - Blagst

GenreAdventure - Text / GraphicsYear1991
LanguageSTACPublisherBudgie UK
Players1DeveloperArresting Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Ellis, Sean

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Woolcock, Tony / Atkinson, Geoff

Box / InstructionsEnglish


Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Blagst Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Blagst

                         The BLAGst by Geoff Atkinson
                          and Tony Woolcock (c)1990

     Ready to go !  Ready and waiting to go.That is why I took  it 
so bad you know.The news hit me like a bomb shell,I was so looking 
forward  to a nice busy Police Station,somewhere I could prove  my 
worth to anyone who would care to watch or listen.But no,I had  to 
be posted to Woolendon.Not that Woolendon is a bad place,oh no,far 
from  it.Woolendon is a lovely place to live if you are after  the 
quiet way of life,but that was exactly what I didn't want.I wanted 
crime and plenty of it.
     Well  that is how I first viewed my posting  to  Woolendon.By 
the end of my first day I was to know how wrong one can be !

     THE STORY SO FAR.......

     You are Detective Constable Adrian Blunder,an officer in  the 
Beeble  Constabulary.You have completed your  detectives  training 
and  have arrived for duty at Woolendon.You find it hard  to  hide 
your disappointment at your posting.Woolendon is known  throughout 
the force as a dull place where nothing happens.
     With  a  sigh you read a recent telex message that  has  been 
passed  to your station.As you read the message you  realise  this 
could be your lucky day.

     PLAYING THE GAME.......

     The   game   attempts  to  follow  the  line  of   a   police 
investigation of a serious crime at a quiet town,right through  to 
the eventual trial of the accused.Unlike other adventure games,the 
Blag  may  end whenever you wish,simply by  entering  the  command 
COURT.The trial will then unfold before your eyes.


     Movement    is    made    in   the    four    main    compass 
directions,North,South,East and West.Or,by driving the car used by 
the CID department from location to location.The vehicle has  been 
left for you at the station garage.However,you can only drive  the 
car  whilst in possession of the keys,and the vehicle is  in  your 
sight.The  command  DRIVE CAR will enable you  to  travel  quickly 
about  the  game  world.The locations must be  accessable  by  car 
otherwise you must walk.You must PARK the car before attempting to 
do anything other than DRIVE it.
For example, if you pssess the key,and can see the police car then 
you  can  DRIVE it from the Police station to the High  Street  by 
entering  DRIVE  TO  HIGH STREET.(Upper case  characters  are  not 
required.)Most locations can be driven to,or a position close by.
A short text description of your present whereabouts,accompanies a 
digitized picture of the location.

     OTHER COMMANDS........

     Like  the  traditional style of adventure games,the  Blag  is 
played  by  the inputting of English commands  by  the  player.For 
example  if  you wanted to use the telephone that is  in  the  CID 
office,the  command DIAL,followed by the required number  is  all 
that  is  needed.Available telephone numbers can be found  in  the 
conveniently placed directory.
     To pick up and object use GET or TAKE .
     To drop an object use DROP .
The following is a list of some of the verbs available within  the 
     The game contains some special commands......

T or TEXTSIZE changes the size of the text.
WORDS removes the games graphics.GRAPHICS returns them.
RS  or  RAMSAVE saves your current position to RAM.RL  or  RAMLOAD 
does the opposite.
SAVE saves your position to disk,LOAD does the opposite.


     The  questioning of characters is invoked by the command  ASK 
[characters surname]

     Unlike the main program which operates mainly on the standard 
verb/noun input,and is relatively simple to use,the questioning of 
characters  is a little more complicated.However every effort  has 
been   made   to   get  characters  to  respond   as normally as 
possible.However,it  is impossible to cover every way in  which  a 
question may be asked,players should remember this at all times.In 
order to get you started,the following is a sample of some of  the 
standards used in the BLAG.
     All of the following are good ways to start a question,-
i.e.WHAT is your date of birth,WHERE do you live,WHO is fred.
There are of course other ways that will be recognised,for example, 
DESCRIBE [name of person},TELL me ABOUT [something/someone].
there  are  many problems to overcome when  coding  a  questioning 
file.Every  effort  has  been made to iron out as  many  of  these 
problems  as possible.If you do not get the expected response  try 
REPHRASING your question.
     Punctuation and capital letters are not required.
Like  all  good  police officers you should remain  civil  at  all 
times,the  BLAGst  frowns  on bad language in the  same  way  that 
Budgie does.
When you have finished questioning a simple THANKS returns you  to 
the  main program.The following is an extensive but  not  complete 
list of vocabulary understood by the questioning file,-
plus various names of people and makes of vehicle.

     The BLAGst was written by two serving police officers in  the 
Hampshire  Constabulary.Geoff  Atkinson  who  is  a  country  beat 
officer  and  Tony  Woolcock who is a member of  the  Dog  Section 
working in the New Forest.Yes,it's his dog in the game,No,I  won't 
tell you his name !

Credits :- STAC by Sean Ellis and Incentive.
           Rombo's Vidi ST.
           Degas Elite (Electronic Arts)
           Friends and colleagues who allowed their faces to  be 
           used freely in the game without bribes or favours.
           Finally,a special thanks to our wives and families for 
           the endless supply of coffee and patience.

                              Geoff Atkinson

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