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Screenshots - Bio Hazard

Bio Hazard atari screenshot
Bio Hazard atari screenshot

Information - Bio Hazard

GenreAdventure - RPG (3-D)Year1993
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperVillage Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Greenhalgh, Les

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)


Game design


Box / Instructions


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe Enhanced / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Bio Hazard Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Bio Hazard

 Bio Hazzard  V1.0
                           Registered Version
                          for Atari  ST/STE/TT
                              Auto Boots
                   Copyright  L.J.Greenhalgh. 1993

                    Hard Drive / Ram Disc installable
              Can be run from replacement desktops like Neodesk

                   This disc is not copy protected
                  Please don't spread this program!

                  When loading the screen will go black
                  for a couple of minutes.Don't panic!

Much of this documentation is  similar  to  the demo version but there
are  subtle  differences  ,   in   particular   some  of  the  obejcts
characteristics have been changed.

Computers Log:  Imperial Transporter Equadus   Star Date 2078

Mission:        Return  Unspecified   Xenomorph   Cargo   to   Company
                Laboritories for evaluation.

Crew:           150   synthetic   cyborg    operatives    ,   commonly
                known   as   'borgs'.Titanium    alloy   outer   shell
                provides    substantial    protection    to    adverse
                climatic conditions.

Message is as follows:

       2100        A    massive    radiation    leak    has    occured
                on  deck  4.Xenomorph  containment  vessels   ruptered
                ,infestation  imminent.Despatching  security  team  to
                investigate extent of damage.

       2300     Contact lost with security team.

       2400     Preparing   to   bring    remaining   operatives   out
                of  hypersleep.Suggest   Vessel   is   set   to   self
                destruct   to   prevent    Xenomorphs   from   falling
                into enemy hands.

                Destruct procedure

                Place  4   plutonium   fuel   rods   into  appropriate
                receptors.You  then  have   approximately   2  minutes
                to  board   shuttle   craft   before   thermo  nuclear
                implosion   occurs.Shuttle   craft   is   located   on
                level 1.

                      The screen is divided into 6 main zones.

                                |             |      |
                                |     01      |  06  |
                                |             |      |
                                |             |      |
                                | 02 | 03 |04 |  05  |

                01 Viewscreen in  fist  person  perspective
                   /shows  objects in backpack.
                02 Shows the Object currently held in your left hand.
                03 Shows the Object currently held in your right hand.
                04 Divided into five 'sliders'.

                S - Stamina.
                R - Radiation received.
                I - Impregnation state.
                C - Count Down timer.
                L - Current radiation level.

                05 The map if activated.
                06 Control panel.Just  click  on  the  action you want
                with the left mouse button.
                                                          Keyboard Shortcut
      +--+       01 Move forward                          [Up cursorkey]
      |01|       02 Turn Left                             [Left cursor key]
   +--+--+--+    03 Fire weapon/Throw Grenade/Hit Alien   [Space bar]
   |02|03|04|    04 Turn Right                            [Right cursor key]
   +--+--+--+    05 Move left
   |05|06|07|    06 Open Doors/Dispensor                  [Return]
   +--+--+--+--+ 07 Move Right
   |08|09|10|11| 08 Pick up Object                        [P]
   +--+--+--+--+ 09 Put Down Object                       [D]
   |12|13|14|15| 10 Load Weapon/Insert Battery.           [L]
   +--+--+--+--+ 11 Recruit character                     [R]
                 12 Go up ladder/go in teleporter         [Delete]
                 13 Go down ladder/go in teleporter       [Hash]
                 14 Swap between Back pack/View screen
                 15 Use syringe/read disc

                 Other Keydoard Short Cuts

                 [Q]        Quit
                 [insert]   Select left hand
                 [clr home] select right hand

In the map area are  load/save  position  icons.Make  sure the disc is
write enabled.

Next to the picture of your  current character are 4 miniture pictures
of the other members of your team .Click on with the left mouse button
to switch control to another  team  member.If  you click on a miniture
face with the right  mouse  button  then  that  member will fire their
currently  selected  weapon.Note  the  currently  selected  member  is
assumed to be at the front  of  the  party  and hence takes any damage
from alien attacks , explosions etc.

Once you hands are full ,objects picked up will go into your backpack.

Loading a weapon will  take  the  first  suitable  magazine from  your
back pack  and insert  it   into   the   currently selected weapon.You
will have to discover for yourself which magazines fit in which guns !
Note don't fire the heavy weapons at  point  blank range , or you will
suffer damage in the explosion.

Some doors cannot be opened unless you are holding a specific key card
and it is selected.

Some doors cannot be  opened  until  certain  pressure  sensors in the
floor   are   activated.Pressure   sensors   can   also   make   walls
dissappear/reappear.These walls will not show up on the map.

To select an object from  you  back  pack  click  on button (14),  you
should now see all the objects  carried in your backpack.Now  click on
the object held in your hand ,   then  click  on  the object  in  your
backpack that you wish to  swap  and   the   two will  be swapped .Now
click on button (14)  to  return  to  the   view  screen.Note that you
cannot use this method for  switching objects between team members.You
must drop the object from one member and pick it up with another.

Dispensors are  the  brown   panels   on   some   of   the   walls and
contain useful   objects    ,     characters,     repair     terminals
and fuel  rod receptors.Note  that   you   cannot   turn   away   from
them until they are closed.

Note some objects need batterys loaded into them before they work.

Note guns can jam! repair terminals unjam them.

             List of currently avaliable objects

Pistol,Pistol ammunition,Machine gun,Machine gun ammunition.
Rocket Launcher,Rockets,Lazer Rifle,Lazer Rifle Ammunition.
Shot Gun,Shot Gun ammo,Dagger,Axe,Spanner,Chainsaw,Hand Grenade Mk I
Hand  Grenade , Mk   II,Mine   Mk   I,Mine   Mk   II,Medical  Syringes,
Key cards,computer discs,Motion Scanner,Map,Battery,Fuel Rods.

If you have any difficulties  running  the  program then please return
the  disc   together   with   problem    description   and   which  ST
configouration you have ie memory,TOS version etc to :-

                 L.J Greenhalgh,
                 24 Park Avenue,
                   Rudloe Manor,
                       SN13 OJT.

You will receive a fresh copy of the program if the disc is corrupted.
If you have found a bug then you  will receive a fixed version as soon
as possible.

Thanks to :-

            The Bath University X-Tank Posse
            Paul , Tom , Chris , Jonnie ,Steven.
            Bob Weiner , Atari Archive University of Michagan USA.
            Those friendly people at L.A.P.D and Floppyshop.
            All the internet trn people for there
            helpful comments.

The future ,
           If  you  have  a  2meg  or  greater  St/Ste  and  would  be
intrested in a version specifically for  these machines , then drop me
a line indicating your interest.I could  easily add loads more samples
,only 1 disc access , more graphics  etc.The cost would be 2.00 pounds
for an upgrade if enough people were interested.

Source code,
           Again if enough people  were  interested  I  could make the
Stos source code avaliable for  a  small   price  . This would include
all the  uncompressed graphics and sounds files together with numerous
utility programs including a rather splendid Map editor.

                       Coming to an St near you

                             Bio Hazzard II

                 See you on the Falcon 030 (perhaps).......


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