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Screenshots - Battle

Battle atari screenshot
Battle atari screenshot
Battle atari screenshot
Battle atari screenshot
Battle atari screenshot
Battle atari screenshot
Battle atari screenshot
Battle atari screenshot
Battle atari screenshot

Information - Battle

GenreBoard Game - MiscellaneousYear1996
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
Players1 vs. 2DeveloperNature
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Gildå, Tornbjörn / Gildå, Henrik

Graphic Artist(s)


Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe, TT, Falcon030 / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Battle Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Battle

			Battle v1.0

	Battle is freeware and should be spread and copied as much as 
possible as long as no profit is made from it. It should only be spread in 
its entirety with no files missing or modified.


	Battle is a mini-strategy wargame placed in a GEM-window. The 
purpose of this game is to be playable while the computer is doing other 
things, i.e. under MultiTOS, or other multitasking systems, though it 
works fine under normal TOS. To be as non-timeconsuming as possible, this 
game is programmed in 100% 68k assembly language. It uses standard VDI and 
AES-calls and is therefore compatible with almost all Atari's ranging from 
ST's to Medusa's (though the Info-box doesn't display good in a 
Y-resolution of 200), and should also work with graphic-cards since these 
usually have their own version of VDI or NVDI. We cannot guarantee the 
function of this game on anything but Falcon030, since we haven't had the 
opportunity to test it on anything else, but we are pretty sure it'll 

**** DISCLAIMER ****
We also don't take any responsibility for loss of data, money, sanity or 
body peripherals resulting from the use, misuse, abuse or overuse of this 
program. The responsibility is entirely yours.

			Playing Battle

	When you start Battle you are first presented with a window, 
divided by lines into 12*8 squares. On the left and right hand side of the 
'battle field' there are four figures representing the troops of player 
one and player two respectively, with the red being the troops of player 
one and the blue being the troops of player two. The game window is 
scalable to fit all resolutions, and the unit-symbols are scaled according 
to the window-size. Each unit has characteristics regarding its number of 
soldiers, skill level, morale, arms, and protection. This is a medieval 
battle field and the troops have medieval arms and armour, and are to 
fight each other in close range battle, or by firing their bows. Each 
player may choose between three different actions: Move a unit, Fire the 
(cross)-bows of a unit, or get Info on a particular unit. The last action 
mentioned may be done as many times as the player likes, while performing 
one of the other two ends the move for the selected unit. A player's turn 
is ended when all his units has either moved or fired their bows, or when 
the player presses 'q' on the keyboard. The battle is over when one player 
has lost all his units.

			Unit characteristics

	The characteristics are randomized at the startup of the game. The 
number of soldiers in a unit ranges from 185 to 250, and the skill level 
from 92% to 107%. Morale is calculated on the number of soldiers and their 
skill level, and does not change during game play.
	Arms are divided into two categories: Close range weapons, and 
Long distance weapons. The Close range weapons can be either Spear, Sword, 
or Battle Axe, in ascending strength, however the weapons also provide 
some protection with the Spear being the most protective. The Long range 
weapons can be either Light bow, Heavy bow, or Crossbow, in ascending 
strength. Their firing ranges are 2, 3, and 3 squares respectively.
	Protection is divided into two categories: Armour, and Shields. The 
armour of a unit may be Leather, Ring mail, or Plate armour, with the 
Plate armour being the strongest. Shields can be either Wooden shield, 
Knight shield, or Roman shield (scutata), in ascending strength.

			Moving a unit (and Attacking)

	Moving a unit is done by clicking on the desired unit with the 
left mouse button, pressing 'm' on the keyboard and then clicking at the 
destination square. A unit may not move further than two steps in any 
direction, and clicking outside the allowed moving range will result in 
the game moving the unit as far as it can. Clicking outside the game 
window cancels the action. If there are more than one unit on one square, 
the player can toggle the selection by clicking the left mouse button 
again. A player may not move an enemy unit. A unit engaged in combat with 
an enemy unit can't be moved either. Attacking one or several enemy unit/s 
is done by moving one of your own units to the same square as the enemy. 
Attack damage is calculated for all remaining units after both players 
have performed their moves. An alert box appears telling a player that one 
of his units has lost soldiers.


	Firing a unit's (cross)-bows is done by selecting the desired unit 
using the mouse, and pressing 's', as for 'Shoot', on the keyboard. A red 
square then appears with the selected unit in the centre, informing the 
player of the range of the bows. Clicking inside the red square forces the 
unit to fire its weapons at the desired location, while clicking outside 
the weapon range or outside the window cancels the action. The units at 
the chosen square then receive damage in proportion to their numbers, 
skill level and protection. A player may damage his own troops by firing 
at them, so be careful. A unit engaged in combat with an enemy unit may 
not fire its long range weapons.


	Getting information on a particular unit is done by selecting the 
unit with the mouse and pressing 'i' on the keyboard. An alert box informs 
you of the different characteristics of the unit. When a player tries to 
get Info on an enemy unit, the skill level and the morale is not 
displayed, '???' is shown instead.

			Known bugs

	<1> If you have run Battle and then try to change resolution 
		sometimes the computer freezes.
	<2> Under TOS 4.92 the cancelling of Move and Shoot by clicking 
		outside the window doesn't work.
	If you find more bugs then please report them to Torbj”rn Gild† 
(adress at the end of this document).


Greetings go to Anthony Jacques, Impulse, Dead Hackers Society, and
		New Beat Development.

Docs by Henrik Gild† of NaTuRe, Atari Division
Original CASIO 7700 GE-version by Henrik Gild†
Programming by Torbj”rn & Henrik Gild† of NaTuRe, Atari Division

	E-mail addresses are valid until June -97

Snail mail:
	Henrik Gild† (or Torbj”rn Gild†)
	Prinsgatan 3c
	541 31 Sk”vde

Tel:	(046)0500-410205

Battle is ½1996 Henrik and Torbj”rn Gild† 

Trivia - Battle

Supports ST Low, Med and High Resolutions, but has graphics errors

Battle Trivia Battle Trivia
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