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Screenshots - Barnimals

Barnimals atari screenshot
Barnimals atari screenshot
Barnimals atari screenshot
Barnimals atari screenshot

Information - Barnimals

GenreAdventure - Point and ClickYear1989
LanguageTalespinPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsMouseDistributorST Log
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Brumleve, Dorothy A.

Graphic Artist(s)

Brumleve, Dorothy A.

Game design

Brumleve, Dorothy A.

Box / InstructionsEnglish
Musician(s)LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Barnimals Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Barnimals

                          B A R N I M A L S

               a kidprg(tm) created with Talespin
                        by D.A. Brumleve

                 Copyright 1989 by D.A. Brumleve

BARNIMALS  is  a listening/guessing game for  the  very  youngest 
computer users,  ages 0-4.   Most kidprgs are intended to be used 
independently by children; the use of BARNIMALS, however, will be 
most successful if an adult or older child participates.   

The  game  was developed using  Talespin,  an  adventure-creation 
program from MichTron.   To run 7KIDS.TAL,  you will need  either 
TALESPIN.TOS   (from  the  commercial  development  package)   or 
TELLTALE.TOS (the public domain run-time program).  To facilitate 
your  child's  use  of the  program,  please  make  certain  that 
TELLTALE.TOS  and  BARNIMAL.TAL  are in  the  same  directory  or 
folder.   If you are not familiar with Talespin  adventures,  the 
following instructions will help you get started.

Upon  running TELLTALE.TOS,  you will be presented with a  dialog 
box.   Click  the left mouse button on "Choose &  Load  Program".  
Then select "BARNIMAL.TAL".   The program will be loaded and  the 
title screen will appear.  Click the left mouse button on the box 
in  the center of the screen,  and the main screen  will  appear.  
Many "objects" are on the screen,  some hidden by doors.   If you 
click  on  the pump,  you'll hear the sound of a  farm  pump  and 
water.   If  you click on a door,  you'll hear a noise.   Try  to 
guess what made that noise before its picture appears.   

Telltale  and Talespin require you to use the left  button  while 
working within a game.   If you want to exit,  however, click the 
right  mouse  button  and the Telltale or  Talespin  dialog  will 
appear,  offering  you choices such as "Help" and  "End  session" 
(the latter is used to quit the program).   If you want to resume 
work  with BARNIMAL.TAL,  click the left mouse button  while  the 
mouse is off the dialog box.

The program is not "locked",  so if you have Talespin,  feel free 
to  investigate  its  structure.    Please  note,  however,  that 
BARNIMAL.TAL  is  copyrighted,  so  please do  not  distribute  a 
modified version.

I hope you enjoy this little Talespin adventure!

D.A. Brumleve
CompuServe: 71451,1141

There are 18 freely distributed kidprgs;  many are of a very high 
quality.   These kidprgs often fill a computing need that is  not 
addressed  by  any other commercial or  public  domain  programs.  
Check with your public domain dealer, users group, or bbs service 
for  additional selections.   Beginning  in  July,  1989,  ST-Log 
magazine  will  feature  D.A.  Brumleve's  "COMPUKID  CONNECTION" 
column,  and  the  ST-Log disk will often  include  new  kidprgs.  
Click  the  'INFO' box on the BARNIMALS screen  for  subscription 
information.   A commercial program,  PreSchool  KidProgs,  which 
includes three additional kidprgs for ages 2-6 in an  autobooting 
shell program, is available from MichTron/Microdeal; in the U.S.,
call MichTron at (313) 334-5700. 
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