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MarkTheMorose - 20/06/2015
Is that second screen shot really from the game? It's an image of Fernandez Must Die.

Screenshots - Ballistic

Ballistic atari screenshot
Ballistic atari screenshot
Ballistic atari screenshot
Ballistic atari screenshot
Ballistic atari screenshot
Ballistic atari screenshot

Information - Ballistic

GenreShoot'em Up! - ArtilleryYear1991
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
Players1 vs. 2Developer[n/a]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Chapman, Tim [CHAPO]

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Chapman, Tim [CHAPO]

Game design

Chapman, Tim [CHAPO]

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Chapman, Tim [CHAPO]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Chapman, Tim [CHAPO]

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Ballistic Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Ballistic

                      | B A L L I S T I C |


+--------- (Works only in LOW resolution colour mode!) ---------+


+---------- Graphics, Sound, Code and Instructions By ----------+

+--------------------------- C H A P O -------------------------+

+------------- Written Using GFA Basic Version 2 ---------------+


T H E  G A M E :

     Ballistic is a deceivingly simple ballistic missle game. All 
you  have to do is to set the angle and velocity of the shot  and 
fire...  Not so!  As well as the main shot you can set a  'delta' 
angle  and velocity.  These are first added to the  main  values, 
then  subtracted,  for a total of three shots per  turn.  As  the 
number of men in your army decreases so does the number of  shots 
you can fire per turn.

              71+ Men                       3 Shots
              36+ Men                       2 Shots
              6+  Men                       1 Shot
              5 or less men                 Self Destruction

     As you can see, 5 or fewer men is pretty deadly, since they 
cannot work the cannon.
     After  the introduction animation use the mouse to click  on 
either 'GO!' to start the game, or 'HELP' for brief instructions, 
plot  and  history.  If you select 'GO!' you are  asked  for  the 
number of men in the Left (Red) Army.  Use the left mouse  button 
to increment the value or the right button to decrease  it.  Then 
press a key and repeat for the right (Blue) army size.

     Each battle scene is only fought by armies of up to 100 men. 
So if the initial size is greater than 100 the war will be  split 
up  into  a  number  of smaller  skirmishes  until  one  side  is 

     Next the scene is drawn and a small letter 'L' or 'R' on the 
panel signifies whose turn it is to fire.  The appropriate player 
should grab the mouse and set his/her angle and  velocity.  These 
are  shown by the two left hand values.  Use the left  button  to 
increase a value,  right to decrease it.  When these two  numbers 
are set as you want them (HINT:  Ang=50 Vel=90 is a good tester!) 
then repeat the procedure for the delta angle and velocity.  (Try 
Delta Ang=5,  Delta Vel=10!) Then click on the TICK icon or press 
both buttons together to start.

     Remember to take account of the wind, shown by the number on 
the arrow.  (50mph is the maximum value) The number of men  which 
each  side  has  left is shown at either  bottom  corner  of  the 

     The shot which you fired will either-

          1)   Go off the side of the battlefield (no effect!)

          2)   Hit  either city ( you are penalised  for  killing 
               innocent civilians!)

          3)   Hit the ground ( making a hole! )

          4)   Land close to the enemy gun ( causing casualties )

          5)   Have a direct hit on either gun ( annihilating any
               remaining soldiers in that particular battle!)

     The  objective  is to be the last remaining force  with  men 
alive in it!

     During  the  game you will encounter some or  all  of  these 

          1)   Starvation          After every turn BOTH armies
                                   lose 1 man.

          2)   Air Attacks         Randomly bomb the landscape,
                                   causing deep holes and light
                                   casualties if near a gun.

          3)   Disease             Some of a force may die out
                                   due to a killer plague!

          4)   Traitors            Traitors may leave one army
                                   for the other.

          5)   Barrage Balloons    These float in the sky, but
                                   only block one shot.

          6)   Volcanos            The power of a Mega-Shell is
                                   big enough to cause seizmic
                                   activity if it hits too deep!

          7)   Earthquakes         These totally wreck the land
                                   and reduce its overall height.
                                   This can in turn lead to a
                                   volcanic erruption.                                   
                                   They also kill men.

 NB. I am continually adding more extras into the games updates!
Eg.  I am developing a computer opponent with limited  Artificial 
 Intelligence.  (For  those times when no one else wants a  quick 
                       game of BALLISTIC!)

                   That's all there is to it!

                       G O O D  L U C K !


S E T T I N G  U P  B A L L I S T I C:

For non-hard drive owners (ST or STE):
1.   Insert a blank floppy disk into drive A.
2.   Click on the Drive A icon.
3.   Click on Format in the File menu.
4.   Click on Format in the dialog box which appears.
5.   Wait for the disk to format. If an error occurs, restart.
6.   Click on OK to the 'Bytes Free' message.
7.   Click on Exit on the dialog box.
8.   Reset the computer.
9.   2nd  drive  owners should insert the blank disk  into  their 
     drive B.
NB. This blank disk is called the DESTINATION DISK from now on.

For hard drive owners (ST or STE):
1.   Boot up the computer and hard drive.
2.   Click on the hard disk icon once to highlight it.
3.   Click on NEW FOLDER in the FILE menu.
4.   Type in BALISTIC and then press Return.
NB.  The hard drive is the DESTINATION DISK and its letter should 
be substituted for DRIVE B.

For all types of drive (ST or STE):
1.   Insert  the  disk with the BALISTIC.ARC folder  on  it  into 
     drive A.
2.   Double-click on the drive A icon to display a window.
3.   Use the window to locate the above folder.
4.   Double-click on the folders' icon.
5.   Hold  down the left mouse button and drag a box  around  the 
     three files.
6.   Release the button,  then press again and drag the  programs 
     to  the  Drive B icon.  (Hard-disk owners drag it  into  the 
     BALISTIC      folder which you created earlier and should be 
     visible on      screen.)
7.   Single  drive owners will be prompted to insert disks A &  B 
     alternately and should do so. (A is the BALISTIC.ARC disk, B 
     is the fresh blank one.)
8.   Dual  drive owners will just have to wait for the  files  to 
9.   Hard  drive owners will just have to wait for the  files  to 
     copy too.
10.  Now double-click on the Drive B (or hard disk) icon to check 
     that  the  three  files  named  BALLIST.TXT,   ARCX.TTP  and 
     BALLIST.ARC exist and have copied correctly.
11.  Double click on the ARCX.TTP file to run it.
12.  Type BALLIST.ARC into the dialog box and press return.
13.  Wait for a message ending in (Yes/No/Quit/All) and press 'A'
14.  Wait  until the files have de-archived.  (About 1 minute  on 
     floppy systems)
15.  When the desktop reappears the program is set up.
16.  Hard   drive   owners:    Drag   the   files   STARTGEM.PRG, 
     STARTGEM.INF and DESKTOP.INF into the trash can and click on 
     OK.  To  load BALLISTIC simply open up its  folder.  (Double 
     click on it) and then locate and double-click on BALLIST.PRG 
     to load and run the game.
17.  ST owners:     Click on the drive B icon, then on NEW FOLDER 
     in the file menu. Call the new folder AUTO and press return. 
     Drag  the  file STARTGEM.PRG into the new folder  and  press 
     RESET to load and run BALLISTIC automatically.     
18.  STE  owners:    Do  the  same  as  for  ST  owners,  but  if 
     BALLISTIC  does not load automatically after a RESET  simply 
     double-click on its icon in the Drive A window.

If you suffer minor problems with these instructions try  reading 
the ST's manual or asking your friends, local Computer Boff etc.


  If you still have major problems send me an S.A.E. for help!
NB. Clearly state your set-up, problem and any other useful info!


M E S S A G E :

                        BALLISTIC is FunWare! 

              Copy it around to all of your mates!

 If you feel EXCEPTIONALLY nice then send me a couple of pounds
         or so! (or more!) (But don't feel you have to!)

It is probably quite pointless saying this, but, KEEP ALL OF THE
   FILES TOGETHER!!! (At least the ARC folder and its 3 files)

  Ballistic will run from virtually ANY set up. (The procedure
      above was just for total strangers to the Atari ST!)

 HI TO: HobNob, Huffy, Al, Meesey, Tim, Steven, Phil, Silvy etc.
               Thanks for play-testing it for me!

Anyone who DOES send me money will recieve a reply, updates etc.!

          Send any queries, S.A.E.'s, currency (UK) to:

                         5, Arrow Drive
                             WV7 3PF
                          E N G L A N D

Currently I have written a load of other useful programs. (eg. A 
   password system which re-copies itself onto your disk when 
trashed! & a desktop background colour changer) For info on these 
             again send an S.A.E. (I use them both!)


  I hope you like this game (it's awesomely addictive!) and see
              you soon in the next release from...



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The PPS (Password Protection System) >>>>>>>>>>>

     The PPS is a short password program usable with both  floppy 
and  hard disks.  It can cope with any keyboard producable  ASCII 
code  for  any length password and due to  a  clever  programming 
technique  it  is almost impossible to discover  for  someone  to 
discover your password. (no .DAT or .INF Ascii files here folks!)

     The  really clever bit is that if somebody tries  to  delete 
your  password program it magically copies itself back  into  the 
auto folder. (At NO risk to data)

     NO  software password system is  COMPLETELY  foolproof,  but 
this one is the best, and most hassle to intruders there is!!!!

For more details,  or to order this program contact CHAPO on  the 
adress above!  (The price of it is not set yet,  but will be well 
                    below œ5!(or even œ3!!!))

     "I  used to use another password program,  but even my  baby 
sister found out the code! Give me the "PPS" anyday!" ,S. Allen.


     Also   available  for  minimum  cost  is  a  small   desktop 
background colour changer --- for when bright green GlOwS!


     A  number  of  other GFA 2  programs,  complete  with  fully 
labelled source code. eg. The F-Plan Demo and Mouse Wrapper!!!

Well, right
now it is 
almost the
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