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Screenshots - Ausbruch

Ausbruch atari screenshot
Ausbruch atari screenshot
Ausbruch atari screenshot
Ausbruch atari screenshot
Ausbruch atari screenshot

Information - Ausbruch

GenreBrain - TetrisYear2004
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperFoundation Two
ResolutionVGALicensed from

Butschke, Thorsten

Graphic Artist(s)

Butschke, Thorsten / Heerspink, Roelof Johan Calling [Cerror]

Game design

Butschke, Thorsten

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Benz, Stefan [Lotek Style / MC Laser]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FXSerial
Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 14MB
Dumpdownload atari Ausbruch Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Additional Comments - Ausbruch

Supports accelerator cards.

Instructions - Ausbruch

                                  fOUNDATiON tWO
                              proudly presents
                          released at OUTLINE 2004  
                            Lievelde, Netherlands

The story so far
Once when the earth was young, the evil emporer from over the mountain 
surfed over the Foundation Two page and thought be himself.

I remember the old legend:

Once the 8 Bits were made to rulez da World, but the Carry bit was made
to rule them. So these crazy guys are 9!! They must be stopped.

So the evil emporer from behind the mountain kidnapped the souls of all 9 
Members of Foundatin Two and took them to his own world somewhere at the
end of the SIO bus. There he split the souls to thousands of pieces. 

This could have been the end of Foundatin Two, but then the lone rider
appears from the north and he weared the great Hammer of Antic.

You are the lone rider and your task is to save all the souls of the
Foundation Two Members. So power on your Falcon and fight the evil
emporer from behind the mountain.

How to play:
- Falcon 030
- 16 MB (?)
- VGA Monitor
- Accelerator (Centurbo 1 Evo.3 suggested)
- Jagpad

After the titlepic and the credits screen you enter the main game
screen. There you controll a red/white cursor. You could move
up,down,left and right. 
Besides the cursor you see a lot of losts souls, represented by
Persons in different colours. 

When you press the button and your are over a person, it disappear,
when there is at least one other person next to the own your cursor
standing on. (So you merge the souls by selecting them)

When you merge enough souls that the first row is empy, a new row
appears. Together with this row 2 numbers appears. When the first
2 rows are empty, 2 rows appears and up to 4 numbers appears:

The numbers are the humorless slaves of the evil emporer from behind
the mountain. You have to destroy them. The numbers are destroyed,
when you merge as at least as many souls as the value of the number
who have the same colour and are places next to the number.

If you merge 6 souls, you get a "replace a number 3" extra (displayed at the right). If
you merge 7 souls, you get a "replace a number 4" extra, and when you merge more than 
7 souls, you get a "replace a number 5 extra".

Use the extras, to destray directly a number slave. You use an etra,
by selection a number of any colour with a number displayed in one
of your collected extras.The numbercounter will you you the number of 
current numbers :-) If you destroy directly a number the number decrease 
will appears after the next merge.

A new row only could appears when you have less than 4 numbers on the 

At the left there is the statusbar. There you could see your 
scrore, the level, the number of numbers who are present on the screen 
and the extras you got.

Making of
At Saturday at 3 o'clock I sat together smoking with Havac. He suggest that
I should take part in the gaming compo. I immideatley liked the idear, and
so I thought what has to be done to make a releasable preview of 
The gameplay was alleady finish at home, and it took me friday night and 
saturday morinig to do the highscore system using NonConForm.
So I only had to do some title and greeting screens and fix some open
issues. Then I found out, that so much other things has to be done, so
I asked for help. First 505 from Checkpoint helps me doing a titlelogo.
Of course Lotek Style also helps me by giving me a mod which was design
for a lynx game, but was not used so far.
After a while I smoked another cigarette and get in touch which Cerror.
He liked the idear to helps me paint some graphics and so he did.

At sunday at 17.10 we were ready, only 70 minutes over the firt deadline.

I programed the last 5 years the NonConForm Rapid Game Development suite,
and now It was the day of NCF. We had to less time, so it was nessecarry,
that NCF works as it should, and in the end, it does. So I'm really proud
of it and to realize, that the last 5 years was not a waste of time.

ATARI rulez

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