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Screenshots - Aquanaut

Aquanaut atari screenshot
Aquanaut atari screenshot
Aquanaut atari screenshot
Aquanaut atari screenshot

Information - Aquanaut

GenreShoot'em Up! - Horizontal ScrollingYear1990
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperSewer Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Sewer Rat

Graphic Artist(s)

Axelsoft / Sewer Possum

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish

Hippel, Jochen [Mad Max] / Max Headroom
New Order

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Aquanaut Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / ?

Additional Comments - Aquanaut

See P. Putnik's site for adapted versions for hardware like HxC Floppy Emulator, Atari harddisk, TT, Falcon030 and more: The Atari ST Game Archive

Game music recorded by: SNDH Recording project

Instructions - Aquanaut

Welcome to the world of AQUANAUT.

The story so far ......

 The year is 1999 and the world is facing destruction at the hands 
of a powerful adversary.  A power-crazed devil has penetrated  the 
Earth's defences and taken up residence in the treacherous  depths 
of  the Dead Sea.  Scores of terrifying creatures have flocked  to 
join  this invading force of pure evil,  building an enormous  and 
formidable army.  Under the power of the charismatic  devil,  they 
have  been  commanded  to attack the major cities  of  the  Earth, 
destroying  everything in their path.  Many cities have fallen  to 
this onslaught, but the forces of evil have been severely depleted
in the skirmish. 
   Facing probable defeat,  the many groups of creatures have been 
recalled from battle,  to form an all mighty  alliance.  Together, 
they  have  been launched on one final  mission,  to  destroy  the 
Temple of Knowledge, where the world's wisest populace reside.  
    You  are  Captain James  Fredderick,  commander  of  the  most 
powerful  underwater vessels in history - AQUANAUT.  In the  short 
time you have had to prepare,  three craft have been completed and 
are ready to go.  Alone,  you must pilot AQUANAUT against the evil 
alliance,  for  the world as we know it is in your  hands.  Should 
your craft be destroyed, you will have two more to aid you in your 
quest.  Lose  both  of these,  and the knowledge of the  world  is 
doomed, for the Temple of Knowledge will be destroyed.
    Your mission is to hold the evil forces at bay,  destroying as 
many creatures as possible.  If you can hold out long enough,  the 
devil will be forced to recall his disciples,  and the Temple will 
be  safe for now.  Fight valiantly,  Captain Fredderick,  for  the 
future of the world is in your hands ..........
Use joystick in port 1 to control AQUANAUT.

   Well, we hope  you enjoy this little game. We  realise that  it 
lacks a little in gameplay for the experienced arcade addict,  but 
we designed it this way for a reason.  In these days of the modern 
arcade  games,  very  few games are suitable for  young  children, 
being far too complex for them to play.  Consequently,  we decided 
to  keep the gameplay very simple in AQUANAUT,  so that  the  many 
budding arcade freaks could pit their developing skills against an 
equally vincible opponent.  With the help of Sewer Possum's  young 
son,  we  think  we  have  achieved  just  the  right  balance  of 
simplicity  and excitement to keep young children  captivated  for 
longer than the average arcade game.
    However,  we  didn't  forget the  older  users  entirely,  and 
decided to spend a great deal of effort enhancing the presentation 
of the game,  so as to appeal to the older users also.  After  the 
addition of many new features,  such as the four voice real  digi-
sound  intro,  we feel that we have included enough to  appeal  to 
everybody,   whether  it  be  the  satisfaction  of  your   arcade 
instincts, or complete visual and audio stimulation.       
    In short,  we think we've come up with a simple but  enjoyable 
game, with universal appeal. However, this was not easy to do, and 
comes as a result of many,many hours of hard work and frustration,
so  if you feel we deserve a donation for our efforts, then please 
send  it  to the address  below.   We also welcome any  criticism,
suggestions or correspondence from anybody, but please don't write
if you're interested in piracy, because we aren't !!  
   The address to write is as follows :- SEWER SOFTWARE,
                                         P.O. BOX 191,
                                         MODBURY NORTH,
                                         S.A. 5091,
    This  game  was  originally written as an intro  for  our  new 
Fish'n'Chips Demo, then enhanced for release as a separate game. A 
modified  version will still be present on the  demo,  along  with 
many demo-screens and a couple of playable demos,  so get in touch 
if you want a copy. The demo has not been released yet, and a date 
has not been finalised, but it should be only another month or so.
    If  anybody reading this is involved with commercial  software 
production,  and thinks we have potential to write  games,  please 
get in touch because we are open to negotiations.  As you can see, 
we have the basis for a very good game, and had we not intended it 
for younger users,  it may well have been the next Xenon II (well, 
perhaps not !!).  We will be developing more games in the  future, 
and  with  the  right incentive,  we think we  can  come  up  with 
something pretty good. 
    Well, that just about covers everything. We hope you enjoy the 
game, and will continue to enjoy all SEWER SOFTWARE products. Keep 
watching  for  AQUANAUT II,  coming soon,  but  until  then,  it's 
goodbye from SEWER RAT and SEWER SOFTWARE.

18th February, 1990.

Music - Aquanaut

Trivia - Aquanaut

This game features digital title music. Title music based on "Blue Monday '88" by New Order

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