I Can't Belive it's Basic

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Screenshots - I Can't Belive it's Basic

I Can't Belive it's Basic atari screenshot
I Can't Belive it's Basic atari screenshot
I Can't Belive it's Basic atari screenshot

Information - I Can't Belive it's Basic

GenreIntro / DemoYear1991
LanguageGFA BASICDeveloper

Chapman, Cory / King, Brien

Graphic Artist(s)ST TypeSTe Only / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari I Cant Belive its Basic Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks1 / High Density

Instructions - I Can't Belive it's Basic

                    ICBIB DEMO DOCUMENTATION

     Welcome to the ICBIB Demo written by Brien King and Cory 
Chapman for the ATARI DEMO Contest.  This demo was written in 100% 
GFA Basic V3.5e with the help of 74 Bytes of Assembler for the 
sprite masking routine.  This demo was written over a period of 
over 6 weeks with the aid of Cory Chapman's SPRITE STUDIO V2.0 
which was also written in GFA. 

This demo uses the following that are found mostly on the STE:

        o Use of the NEW color palette of 4096 colors!

        o Extensive use of the BLITTER CHIP for faster animations.

        o Stereo Digitized sound that uses 0% of CPU time!

This Demo features:

        o Spiraling text scroller.

        o Distorted ICBIB logo.

        * Three-Dimensional tracking sprites.
        * Banner dragging Pac-Man.

        * Text roller.

        * Bouncing Spinning SMILEY! faces.

        * Speakers that move with the Music (In STEreo).

        * Spinning FUJIs.

        * Mirror reflection.

 o = All featured running on the Title Screen at one time.

 * = All featured running on the Main Screen at ONE TIME! 


        o Run in ST low resolution.

        o STE/MEGA STE/TT. (no CACHE!)

        o Should Have 1Meg of RAM, the more the better!
          (we use 2 Megs!)

        o A monitor, so you can watch the demo.


  KEY/MOUSE                   FUNCTION
  Up Arrow             Controls the upward speed on the roller of
                       the main screen.

  Down Arrow           Controls the downward speed on the roller 
                       of the main screen.  

  Left Arrow           Slows Pac-Man down on the main screen.

  Right Arrow          Speeds Pac-Man up on the main screen.

  L                    Allows you to load a new sound file.

  SPACE                Centers the MOUSE coordinates used to move 
                       the ball.

  MOUSE                By moving the MOUSE you can move the center 
                       of the tracking 3D balls.

  MOUSE RIGHT BUTTON   Exits from the main screen.

  Well that about does it! So now its time for the Official Plugs!

  All Graphics were drawn in SPRITE STUDIO V2.0, Written by Cory 
Chapman.. a Demo of this program is available on RDS BBS 
(602)246-6073 300-14,400 MNP/V.42bis.. 
RDS BBS was written by me (Brien King) in GFA.  
If you haven't noticed by now, Cory and myself like GFA and would 
recommend it to anyone who wants to do programming the REAL way!

Send all comments to:

       Brien King/Cory Chapman
       1609 W. Glendale Ave #146
       Phoenix, AZ 85021

on GEnie Send Comments to B.KING6

Thanks ATARI!


Trivia - I Can't Belive it's Basic

This demo placed second on Atari Corp.'s Atari Computer Demo Contest 1991 where the main objective was to build a shop window capable demo to help dealers to show off the new Atari STe hardware capabilities.

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