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This is one of my favorite games of all time. The cart also contains the best home version of the arcade-standard Tempest. What makes both T2000 and the arcade version on this cart so great is the controls. You would think that a game designed to use a rotational control would suffer when played with a dpad, but the game designer made the controls so precise you can spin all the way around a level and land on the exact segment you need to in order to grab a powerup or shoot an enemy before they reach the rim. The visuals and sound are also a masterpiece that still hold up after all these years.
Outstanding game indeed
Xenon 2 on the Jaguar was published by Peleiades not Atariage. We allowed Atariage to sell some copies, in their store.
Very interesting, does this actually exist?
The funniest game of the console, a superb classic!
Ed Salvo and David Mahaffey programmed this game, as per my interview with Ed Salvo back in 2006:
Big hit ! Every time put in the top 3 of the Jaguar... Great sounds... in 1994 playing games like that was only on a PC with big proc. ( 1200$ ). 3 games in one : playing the Alien ; the marine or the predator !
One of the better games of the Jaguar !
Really speed ... On of my favorite :)

Don't forget the last tips "Move to the head of the pack"

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