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That name...

this particular bootleg can go in SO many ways unfathomable to the human mind.
Brilliant game! So imaginative, the different ideas in the game to make it fun and interesting, and it's really fun and playable even today! I recently bought this for my VCS for a few quid, very happy!
this game is great! even though im not the greatest at the game im still a big fan of the atari 2600 (or vcs) and pitfall and other atari games
although this is just technovisions save our ship this game is good you play as a pirate and you hit people that are trying to get on your ship this game is fun.
One of the best games on the Atari 2600, & it's by some Taiwanese studio almost nobody remembers. This is proof that Manic Miner was already sort of outdated even back when it was released.
the atari 2600 didnt have many skiing games they were only 4 skiing from activison ski hunt from homevision mogul maniac from amiga and this game (ski run) from suntek is was orignally crazy ski and then ski run and the game is not bad its just hard.
The cover to Philly Flasher is based off a poster or possibly an album cover from the 70's, but I can't remember just what it's supposed to be mimicking...
Awesome version of galaxian, I play it more often then the arcade version. 7800 Version is definitely the best.
44'th game is a "Stellar Track" by "Sears" themeselves. I red about it on:
Wow, this is a really cool cart!
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