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Curse you fucking bird
In every Category the better Version of Defender on Atari 2600. really enjoyable. Absolutely, try Subterranea, too, if you're into this kind of Endless-Scrolling-Shooters: It's more straight-forward; Stargate/Defender II needs a bit more of Strategy (but is of course also really enjoyable)!
Like Demon Attack, I wasn't too impressed when first playing this one: I had heard that it was one of the biggest Games ever made and maybe even made Video-Gaming popular - but there wasn't much happening on the Screen!
It seemed boring. But as with Demon Attack, playing it with not so high Expectations, you could really enjoy it. In my Opinion there are better Shooters on the System, but it's a really Classic with indestructable Gameplay and LOTS of Variations to keep you interested.
But if you, like me, never played it before and enter with enormous Expectations it will surely disappoint you at first!
One of my Top 5-Games!
The catchy background-Tune, the Simplistic, but colourfull Graphics and the Gameplay that works on two Levels (shooting and "driving" your Moon Buggy) are unbeatable!
Always good for Round of Atari-Fun!
I really like that one, I play it regularly, but not so many time during a Session. It's technically incredible, although I find Laser Gates more impressive!
Try the River Raid Plus-Hack, it adds the Balloons from the 5200-Version as Enemies.
The best Tennis-Game on the System and even Fun playing against the Computer. Technically superior to Activions fine Tennis.
Like Asteroids and some other Games on the System, a Title I always come back to...
The fast-paced Gameplay and the Boss-enemy at the End keep it interesting, using the Shield gives a (very tiny) bit of Strategy. A Classic, and better than the Arcade-Version in my Opinion!
Good for endless Hours of Fun!
A nice Mix of Shoot'em up and Breakout.
If you want to play something "different" between the well-known Classics, think of this almost unknown Game!
Great Title, that most Atari-Afficinados seem to ignore - don't know why: It's technically a Blast and plays perfectly!
Not so many good scrolling Shooters on the System, so be sure to get this one, if you like Shmups!
More Fun than the Arcade-Version, but much more difficult than the other Pac-Man-Games, 'cause you don't have the full Labyrinth-Overview and the Ghosts seem to be more aggressive!
An always a bit underrated Title!
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