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This needs a hack!
This is one of the best retro pinball games you'll find, a far cry from Atari's earlier Video Pinball. Despite being on what was already obsolete hardware, it looks and plays better than the majority of its 8-bit contemporaries. It does show the limitations of the 2600 in a few respects, the physics (although mostly pretty realistic) have a few obvious shortcuts, such as the way the ball bounces the same way whether you strike it mid-arc or just bounce it off the erected paddle. However, I never felt as though I had lost a ball through no fault of my own, nor did I feel like I was just racking up points with no effort, both of which were problems that plagued a lot of very early pinball video games. Personally, I prefer Midnight Magic to its most direct competitor, Nintendo's Pinball for NES. Although the Nintendo game is technically more advanced, Atari's programmers made clever use of the older console's capabilities as well as a more rewarding bonus system. If you're at all fond of pinball, this is totally worth your time.
Great classic. It does tend to turn a bit too repetitive a bit too quickly, but good fun when you have a few minutes to consume.

Atari 2600 version is the best of the three I tried (C64, Atari 800 and Atari 2600).
Always loved this game, and the computer AI was quite competitive. Disappointed it was never ported to the 8-bit.
How do you tell the difference between NTSC and PAL...they look similar??
It's absolutely hilarious that the 1988 red box release is using a screen shot of the Pole Position II coin-up for illustration. Maybe ATARI Corp. knew something we did not. /s
Ok, is the title of this bootleg variant a joke?
To me this looks rather like a variant of "Ground Zero", which is a River Raid hack rather than a bootleg of Sub-Scan...
Jane: Your game looks incredible! Is there any chance you have a copy of the ROM or source code? If the name were changed, there'd be no trademark issues with Wizard of the Coast, just like was done with the Intellivsion version. Perhaps we could convince Tommy Tallarico (new owner of Intellivision) to release this and the Atari version of Treasure of Tarmin. Maybe you'd be interested in finished this the way you had originally wanted to?
Well, there's also snowballs to avoid...
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