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Bought this in the late 80s, turned it off at the wall, turned it back on and the 2600 game Motocross started playing as if by magic! Turns out there was a 2-in-1 cartridge produced, though my box made no mention of that and there was no menu to select the other game. Motocross was much better!
Ursinho Esperto is actually Mr. Postman, at least for this cartridge.
I’m actually lucky enough to actually own this game (and a nice copy at that). It’s actually really cool and Pleasant! I got mine for about $200, but it can go for around $300, and boxed and complete games for for like $850 dollars. So it’s like an R8-9 game. It’s a very,VERY rare game.
1. small bee
2. treasure in golden house
Interesting. A Turkish version of Space Invaders.
Saw a documentary called "Game Over" based around the Urban legend that this game was so bad that they dumped a million of them into a landfill and covered them with concrete. Well, it wasn't a million, but they did find the land fill with 728,000 various title in it. The programmer worked magic for only having not more than a month to knock out the game, due to a developer overpromising on a Christmas release date. He literally slept in the same room as the programing equipment and worked 7 days a weak, non stop. This game isn't great but it does have surprising depth, making you put together a transmitter to "phone home." The main complaint is you fall into pits and when you get to the top you fall right back in, over and over. Well, it was even in the manual, just go left or right not up or down and you can get out the first time. I had the attention span of a gnat and I was fine with this game as kid. Try it. It's really not that bad, just didn't live up to the hype.
I originally owned a black and white video game system called RCS studio II. It had few games but did have bowling. It was just a bunch of small blocks for pin and slightly larger block for a ball. Just loved the ugly thing. So needless to say when I finally got my hands on this as a kid it was mildly mind blowing! The ball has some control and the bowler does a little dance, with addictive sound effects, if you don't suck and actually pick up a strike or spare.
Surprised to see a port this descent for Joust, on the 2600. It's simplistic, with less platforms, but really does have the game play down, close to the original.
I really hate sports games, but not this one. I am always surprised by it. I don't know what genius programed this but the computer acts like AI and really competes with you. I could play this for days.
Not the most appealing color pallet, nor do the aliens look like anything but bugs, yet I find myself playing this simplified version of Galaxian for hours. It has very similar game play and gets very challenging as you progress. Not a game you can play forever. It will get you sooner rather than latter.

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