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Screenshots - Ultra Vortek

Ultra Vortek atari screenshot
Ultra Vortek atari screenshot
Ultra Vortek atari screenshot
Ultra Vortek atari screenshot

Information - Ultra Vortek

GenreArcade - Beat'em Up!Year1995
PublisherAtari (USA)ControlsJagpad
Players1, 1 vs. 2DeveloperBeyond Games

Johnson, Kris N.

CountryFrance Germany United Kingdom USA 
Graphic Artist(s)

Walker, William C. / Hatch, Curt
Salmon, D. Christopher / Meier, Dale
Meier, Jim / Johnson, Kris N.

Game design

Johnson, Kris N.

Box / InstructionsEnglish, French, German

Walker, William C. / Meier, Dale

Sound FX

Walker, William C. / Meier, Dale
Huntsman, Tim

VersionDumpdownload atari Ultra Vortek Download

Cartridge - Ultra Vortek

Ultra Vortek Atari cartridge scan Ultra Vortek Atari cartridge scan 

Easter Eggs - Ultra Vortek

Modem Initialization Mode
At the title screen press 1 + 9. This activates the "CATBOX", the Atari Jaguars version of the X-Band that never really took off. It allowed you to link 2 or more Jags together or play via a phone line for games like Wolfenstien 3-D or Ultra Vortex.

Secret Stages
When you reach the point of choosing your stage press '#' to access the Hidden Palace, or '*' to access the Subway Passage.

Speed Control
At the title screen press 1 + 5 + 9. A new option will appear under the Options menu.

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