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Jan Zaslov - 10/08/2021
44'th game is a "Stellar Track" by "Sears" themeselves. I red about it on:
Jeffrond - 15/04/2018
I have one of the boards as well. Not the entire display, just the board and a few cables. I am ready to let it go if anyone is interested.
David - 27/01/2018
I also own the PCB out of one of the atari POP displays. It was sold off in late 80s from local hardware store. This unit does allow you to plug in standard cartridges in addition to your favorite roms in the blank spaces. I have standard controller plugs installed on the harness and the two selection switches for game number. It is a full size arcade form factor PCB and came in the standard shielding box used in arcade games from the era.
Joe - 09/03/2017
These Video Gaming Centers were made by Frank Mayer & Assoc in 1982 for Sears. Some overages were given to employees and Sears also got rid of the publicly played units. Few of these were ever made as I worked there during that era. I have one for sale as of 2-8-17! The computer can be set internally for "full length play" by the way. Retro city!
eppy2000 - 25/08/2015
I remember seeing these in places like K-Mart back in the day to showcase and promote the Atari 2600. It was part of a fancier display that had the 2600 connected to a color TV as well. It was not unlike, say the "PlayChoice-10" Nintendo games in the arcade. But in any event, you got to test drive most of the Atari-made games that was available up until that point, by playing like 20-30 seconds worth (or something along those lines) before it reverted back to the title screen. Done, I guess, to prevent good players from monopolizing its use.
Erin - 20/08/2015
My dad just picked one of these up at a garage sale today. Never seen one before. Very interested if anyone else has anymore info on it.
Tina - 17/02/2015
I have one of these and have been trying to get info on it? How rare is it? Worth? Thank you
jah fish - 25/08/2008
i think i just fell in love with this ;)
Kevates - 10/08/2008
I own one of these as well. Am I correct that Goodwill Hunter and I are the only collectors that have these?
Goodwill Hunter - 11/06/2008
Hey, that's my display from one of the early Midwest Gaming Classics...and the VGSC is still one of the centerpieces of my collection.

Information - Video Game Selection Center

ControlsJoystick, PaddlesPublisherSears
Programmer(s)Medium Cartridge

Additional Comments - Video Game Selection Center

The Video Game Selection Center was designed by Atari's arcade division and was to be displayed on the counters of Sears' electronics departments. For this kiosk neither an Atari 2600 console nor its actual controllers were used to demo the games and it has no visible Atari branding on it.

Cartridge - Video Game Selection Center

Video Game Selection Center Atari cartridge scan Video Game Selection Center Atari cartridge scan Video Game Selection Center Atari cartridge scan Video Game Selection Center Atari cartridge scan Video Game Selection Center Atari cartridge scan

Instructions - Video Game Selection Center

01 Adventure
02 Target Fun
03 Asteroids
04 Backgammon
05 Basketball
06 Bowling
07 Breakaway
08 Canyon Bomber
09 Poker Plus
10 Circus
11 Tank Plus
12 Dodger Cars
13 Football
14 Golf
15 Hangman
16 Baseball
17 Cannonman
18 Maze Mania
19 Missile Command
20 Night Driver
21 Othello
22 Gunslinger
23 Soccer
24 Darediver
25 Maze
26 Space Invaders
27 Speedway II
28 Superman
29 Tic-Tac-Toe
30 Checkers
31 Chess
32 Pong Sports
33 Pinball
34 Warlords
35 Berzerk
36 Haunted House
37 Math Grand Prix
38 Defender
39 Yar's Revenge
40 Pac-Man
41 Super Breakout
42 Demons to Diamonds
43 Submarine Commander
44 Stellar Track (Unnamed)
45 Steeple Chase

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