Star Raiders

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Byte - 28/12/2014
I can confirm the secret rank is ATARI (at least on the PAL version).
Akira808 - 28/04/2010
Given its difficulty, it was great!! I have beaten it on the easy setting. In order to beat this game is to try not getting hit so much. If something important gets damaged, go to the starbase and repair the damage, but keep in mind that you can only dock with the starbase for a limited number of times, and will be destroyed as a result. Yes, it's tough, but keep at it. Try playing it on the lower difficulty settings and don't give up. The 400/800 version is much harder than this version.
Henry - 15/02/2008
This is a hard game to beat but i will beat it in the future.

It's very interesting game to play becouse you have this extra gamepad to play it with.

You can se the hole screen shaking when you get a hit. So you can really fell that you are in the spacecraft.

I love it and hate it becouse it's so damn hard to beat but i am going to beat it.

Information - Star Raiders

GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear
ControlsJoystick, Video Touch PadPublisherConectivision

Meninsky, Carla

Medium Cartridge

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