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Screenshots - Sonar

Sonar atari screenshot
Sonar atari screenshot
Sonar atari screenshot

Information - Sonar

GenreBrain - MiscellaneousYear1979
Players2 (sim.)CountryUSA

Stewart, Brad

Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Sonar Download    Play it!Serial

Additional Comments - Sonar

This Battleship type game marked SONAR was found at an estate sale for Jim Snyder (who worked in research and development at Atari in the early 80's). Sonar is one of only three VCS games that was programmed with stereo sound. Please note that it's still not 100% certain that Brad Stewart really programmed this game. According to Stewart: 'I’m afraid it’s been too long ago for me to remember the details about a game that never made it out of the planning stage. It’s possible I wrote some preliminary code that would have looked like the screenshots, but when I watched the video the sound wasn’t familiar at all. If I didn’t do the sound, I probably didn’t do the rest of the prototype.'

The prototype contains some unused graphics, as well as some graphics from Adventure by Warren Robinett. What appear to be 'thin dragons' are actually graphics for another character that Robinett was experimenting with: 'I called it a ‘Road Runner’. I implemented it with a 2-step running animation, but I never was able to come up with a function for it, so I eventually deleted it'.

Cartridge - Sonar

Sonar Atari cartridge scan Sonar Atari cartridge scan Sonar Atari cartridge scan Sonar Atari cartridge scan
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