Riddle of the Sphinx

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Fernando Aires - 25/08/2012
This game looks quite simple and outdated, but still it's a very fun game. Unfortunately, I didn't get the logic of the game, I don't know what the objective is, the only thing I know is that when you enter some temples you may lose health and you may also die. Sometimes your character will walk slower and slower, which I assume means he's thirsty so you have to drink water from an oasis. There are thieves that shoot rocks at you, and there are villagers or whatever, that will trade items with you or take items from you. I don't quite understand this game but it's fun anyways :D

Information - Riddle of the Sphinx

GenreAdventure - Joystick-DrivenYear
ControlsJoystick, JoystickPublisherVideo Games

Fulop, Rob / Smith, Robert G.

Medium Cartridge

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