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Screenshots - Pizza Chef

Pizza Chef atari screenshot
Pizza Chef atari screenshot
Pizza Chef atari screenshot
Pizza Chef atari screenshot
Pizza Chef atari screenshot
Pizza Chef atari screenshot
Pizza Chef atari screenshot
Pizza Chef atari screenshot
Pizza Chef atari screenshot
Pizza Chef atari screenshot

Information - Pizza Chef

GenreEducation - MiscellaneousYear1983
ControlsJoystickPublisherZiMAG / Emag / Vidco
Programmer(s)Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Pizza Chef Download    Play it!Serial713-111 / GN-050

Additional Comments - Pizza Chef

Other version with the same title:


This prototype is the only known NTSC prototype of Pizza Chef known to exist. The prototype was found with several other ZiMAG and Vidco prototypes.

The carts with the handwritten stickers were sold by Pleasant Valley Video in Ohio.

Cartridge - Pizza Chef

Pizza Chef Atari cartridge scan Pizza Chef Atari cartridge scan

Instructions - Pizza Chef


Try this fun pizza making game. You have a limited time to make an eight-ingredient pizza. For this, you should get the right ingredients and in the same order as they are listed – and also the aproppriate utensils. When you finally put everything at the eight preparation tables, take the pizza to a hot oven to bake. If you manage to do it all, congratulations! Try all the 25 recipe variations and show your skills and technique in pizza making.

How to play
This is an one player only game, with 25 game variations and two difficulty settings. The (SELECT GAME) switch select the desired game. Place the left (DIFFICULTY) switch in “A” (EASY) or “B” (DIFFICULT).

To start push (RESET). A 20 minutes countdown will then start. Moving the joystick in any of the eight directions will move Antonio (the pizza Chef) to the corresponding direction.

Antonio starts in the ordering room. He first must go to the storage area (brown area at the bottom left of the screen) to get the necessary utensils. He can take only one item at a time and to do that you should put Antonio over the item and press the (FIRE) button in your joystick. But beware of rats! If (DIFFICULTY) is set on “B” and Antonio got bitten by a rat, he will fall and break the utensil he is holding. Then Antonio will have to pick up another one.

Returning to ordering room, he now must go to the kitchen (blue area at the top left of the screen) to gather the ingredients. But pay attention! If he slips in one of the puddles on the floor, he will drop the bowl. Be careful when crossing the ordering room, not letting him bump into any of the waiters.

Once he gets an utensil and an ingredient (which will be shown at the bottom of the screen), he will be able to move to the oven (red area at the top right of the screen).

Antonio must take only one unit of the needed utensil. For example: despite the request containing 4 spices and 4 cheese, he only needs one cup.

There are 8 rectangular tables at the right side of the room where you can put the items. If he manages to get all the right items one of the eight tables will turn invisible and one credit will be added at the top of the screen for Antonio´s order list.

If poor Antonio get the wrong items nothing happens - but he will have to take them to the trash can (green area at the bottom right of the screen). Once the trash is dumped, he will have to return to the kitchen to get the right things he need. This procedure is repeated until all eight tables are completed. Remember, he must first dump the trash before picking up a new item.

When all eight tables are complete, Antonio will then take the table ingredientes to one of the three ovens (to the left). He will have to put the ingredients in the oven that is hot, using the joystick button. If you choose the right oven, you win the game. If not, you will have to return to the kitchen, replace the last ingredient and try a different oven. If you don´t make your pizza fast enough, time will run out and Antonio will lose his job.

In the trash can you must position Antonio at the end of each step and press the joystick button to make it go down or up.

Catalogs - Pizza Chef

Pizza Chef Atari catalog
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