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Comments (4)
JohnBoy - 11/10/2009
Possibly the single best translation of an arcade original onto the 2600. Fantastic game play, faithful to the standup game to the degree possible. In my top-5 for sure.
bario - 04/06/2009
Quite a good Space Invaders style game, even reminds of Galaga... The enemies are nicely designed, it's challenging but fair.

However one thing ruins it completely: The damn noise! What's that supposed to be? Birds twittering? The spaceship's engines? Air raid sirens?
erikrom - 26/08/2008
a great game , with fantastic graphic for this year

a must for this machine
P. Westphal - 15/04/2008
Great conversion of the arcade game. Very hard in the later levels. I wish they were crows I was shooting at though...
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