Montezuma's Revenge

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Brian - 17/02/2010
There is a glitch in Montezuma's Revenge for the atari 2600. When your character enters the room to get the torch, he gets stuck at the top of the screen and will not move.
I love this game! It was the first game that got me really started playing video games.
Mario - 24/09/2009
There was never an arcade game. IIRC, the game was originally created for the Atari computers.
Jeff - 09/07/2008
This game ranks in my Top 5 of atari 2600 games. LOTS of fun and adventure. Does anyone know if there was an arcade game version first?

Information - Montezuma's Revenge

GenreArcade - Platformer (Multi-Screen)Year
ControlsJoystickPublisherRentacom / Game Action

Will IV, Henry

Medium Cartridge

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