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Comments (2)
duder - 13/12/2017
A really good Klax port on the 2600. This game deserves a good 9/10.
Martin Pardys - 27/10/2012
Do you know of a way to get an atari 2600 klax cartridge for the Usa?

Screenshots - Klax

Klax atari screenshot
Klax atari screenshot
Klax atari screenshot
Klax atari screenshot
Klax atari screenshot

Information - Klax

GenreBrain - MiscellaneousYear1990
ControlsJoystickPublisherAtari (USA)

DeFrisco, Steve

Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Klax Download    Play it!SerialCX26192

Additional Comments - Klax

Other version with the same title:

Atari (USA) (Red).

Klax was the last Atari 2600 game to be developed and released. It was released so late in fact that it only made it out overseas in PAL format. Best Electronics uncovered nine NTSC prototypes that proved to be the final version. This proves that Atari was planning on releasing it in the US, but the crumbling 2600 market made them rethink their decision.

Making a big ‘X’ will warp you far ahead in the game. These secret warps are not mentioned in the game.

Completing the game (wave 100) will show a celebratory screen with fireworks.

Cartridge - Klax

Klax Atari cartridge scan Klax Atari cartridge scan
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