Keystone Kapers II

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Screenshots - Keystone Kapers II

Keystone Kapers II atari screenshot

Information - Keystone Kapers II

GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1983
ControlsJoystickPublisherActivision (USA)

Kitchen, Dan

Medium Cartridge

Additional Comments - Keystone Kapers II

Also known as Keystone Canonball.

According to programmer Dan Kitchen: 'I had also done a sequel to Keystone Kapers, which was the Keystone cop on a train. And that was actually a neat thing because I was able to pull off some interesting software kernels where I had eight rotating wheels on the bottom of a train where you could normally only have 2 or 6. It was a very cute game. From screen to screen, from boxcar to boxcar fighting and trying to defeat the character from Keystone Kapers, who was the runaway criminal. That was a very huge game as it had non-symmetrical play and had a really nice, large engine at the front of the game and a very large caboose at the bottom of the game. The original concept started as a generic train game. I’m a model railroader and wanted to make a side view game with different railroad cars. At the time my brother Garry had released Keystone Kapers and we thought using Keystone Kelly would be a cool addition to the game. The initial intent was to have Harry Hooligan transition from a petty department store thief to a full-fledged train bandit. However, before I had a chance to continue work on the game, the 2600 market experienced its downfall and I moved onto other games.'

Cartridge - Keystone Kapers II

Keystone Kapers II Atari cartridge scan

Videos - Keystone Kapers II

Keystone Kapers II Keystone Kapers II 
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