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chris - 20/07/2015
Anybody manage to achieve the 10,000 points mark so close at times think I was well in the 8,000 mark...this game must have ruined a few paddle controllers....
chris - 20/07/2015
ONE of activision's best so hypnotizing as the game progressed....

Screenshots - Kaboom!

Kaboom! atari screenshot
Kaboom! atari screenshot
Kaboom! atari screenshot

Information - Kaboom!

GenreArcade - Catch'em!Year1981
ControlsPaddlesPublisherActivision (USA)
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryUSA

Kaplan, Larry / Crane, David

Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Kaboom! Download    Play it!SerialAG-010

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Besides the Mad Bomber’s 'happy' and 'sad' expressions, he also shows a 'shocked' expression when reaching 10,000 points.

Cartridge - Kaboom!

Kaboom! Atari cartridge scan Kaboom! Atari cartridge scan Kaboom! Atari cartridge scan Kaboom! Atari cartridge scan

Instructions - Kaboom!

Kaboom! Atari instructions

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Kaboom! Atari ad Kaboom! Atari ad Kaboom! Atari ad

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Activision Video Update How to Beat Home Video Games I - Ka... Kaboom! David Crane Hills Commercial 

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Kaboom! Atari Dealer Displays

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Kaboom! Atari Other

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Kaboom! Atari Pins / Badges / Medals

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