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Screenshots - Intuition

Intuition atari screenshot

Information - Intuition

GenreBrain - MiscellaneousYear1983


Medium Cartridge

Additional Comments - Intuition

Not a game, but a means of exercising the left side of the brain - the part which researchers tell us we barely use. This was planned for release in March 1983. The cartridge was to use scientifically-created, semi-abstract designs to stimulate reactions in the user and break down the innate resistance we have to using that part of the brain. Description of the game in Tigervision's 1983 catalog reads: 'Develop your creativity! This fun game uses forms and color to help enhance your intuitive reaction and creative thinking. Age range 3 years old to adult.'

A prototype of this game was found and apparently sold for $10,000, but the ROM hasn't been released to the public yet. The prototype cartridge is red (like Jawbreaker), its labels are most probably cut-out from a Tigervision catalog and underneath the end label a Miner 2049er label is visible. The first two cartridge pictures on this page are of the real prototype, the third cartridge picture is a mock-up.

Cartridge - Intuition

Intuition Atari cartridge scan Intuition Atari cartridge scan Intuition Atari cartridge scan Intuition Atari cartridge scan

Catalogs - Intuition

Intuition Atari catalog
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