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Tom M. - 19/02/2011
OK description above is not very clear and I had hard time finding out what exactly to do: you must build "a ship" consisting of 4 parts!!! from left to right it begins from thin end goes to thick body and ends up thin again - like an ufo - enter a room - press fire - you turn grey - get out of the room and dot will appear in the maze - go to that dot - press fire again - if it is a correct piece you have it / if not go back to the same room and "unpress" to turn yellow and try another room - till you get the final shape
Ben coulson - 18/09/2005
  The object of the game was to guide your little alien through a pretty basic maze in an effort to find the missing pieces of his spaceship and rebuild them so that he could go home. Within the maze were a collection of what could best be described as rooms which either contained a part of your missing ship or an alien that would pursue you around the maze and kill you if it caught you.
Ship parts had to be found in the correct sequence for wrong parts could not be picked up for your alien would change colour preventing you from searching for more. You had to go back to the room that you found the piece in to change your colour back again so as to enable you to search further. Once in a while power ups would appear within the maze and if you dropped them in the path of a pursuing alien and they ran over it they would become stunned for a short period of time. Parts of the maze would also serve to ensnare you within it which would allow your pursuers the opportunity to catch you up but aside from these minor obstacles your alien was not faced with too great a problem.

Screenshots - Alien's Return

Alien's Return atari screenshot
Alien's Return atari screenshot
Alien's Return atari screenshot

Information - Alien's Return

GenreArcade - MazeYear1983
ControlsJoystickPublisherITT Family Games
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryGermany
Programmer(s)Medium  Cartridge 
Dumpdownload atari Aliens Return Download    Play it!Serial554-33 391

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Cartridge - Alien's Return

Alien's Return Atari cartridge scan Alien's Return Atari cartridge scan Alien's Return Atari cartridge scan Alien's Return Atari cartridge scan Alien's Return Atari cartridge scan 

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