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Screenshots - 3-D Havoc

3-D Havoc atari screenshot
3-D Havoc atari screenshot

Information - 3-D Havoc

GenreShoot'em Up! - AsteroidsYear1983

Lawson, Jerry / Ellis, Frank

Dumpdownload atari 3-D Havoc Download    Play it!Serial2110

Additional Comments - 3-D Havoc

Originally planned as a cassette title for Amiga's never released Power Module peripheral, and later as one of three 3-D games on the first Power Play Arcade cart. A prototype version was found that isn't in 3-D. Catalog description: 'Your stellar cruiser begins to shudder as the hyperwarp drive suddenly cuts out. Slowing down, you realize you've entered an asteroid field. A BIG asteroid field. You bolt for the high-density laser-pulse inverter. Your only chance is to blast your way out. And you'd better start now...'

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3-D Havoc Atari ad 3-D Havoc Atari ad 

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3-D Havoc Atari catalog 3-D Havoc Atari catalog 
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