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Godcedric - 23/05/2019
Mon premier logiciel de dessin que j'ai utilisé avec mon Ste. Très plaisant à utiliser, relativement ergonomique et en français! Peut être pas aussi puissant que les ténors du genre mais suffisant pour un graphiste débutant. On peut faire des trucs bien sympa avec. Surtout qu'il était vendu à un tarif correct à l'époque.

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American Software Distribution
Grenville Trading
ST Format
Software Direct

Supports Star LC-10 color printer.

Trivia -

Team Tap
Supports up to 4 players woth Team Tap -adapter.

Game is incomplete but features at least 4 levels.

Additional Credits
Framework: Dead Hackers Society

PD-Palvelu's Kuukausilevyke was the second major Finnish diskmagazine for the Atari ST in Finland.

It was born when ST Klubi (team behind Suomenkieliset Tietosanomat) and ex-member Heinrich Pesch parted ways. His new diskmagazine ran from Jan 1989 to Dec 1990 and total of 21 issues were produced. Issues Oct and Nov 1989 along with Sep 1990 wasn't released due to the authors hardware problems.

Kuukausilevy didn't use any particular shell or browser for the documents. It was all plain text files. Every issue featured news from Atari World, translated overview of the latest issue of German ST-Magazin along with updated catalog of his PD-disk service Pesch was also running.

Rest of the disk was full of the latest PD software and some rare programs by the Finnish PD developers aswell as by the author himself.

Additional credits
DSP replay routine - TAT

Sounds samples for this game were taken from various Apollo missions.

This game features digital title music

Written with Fast Basic

Supports Blitter on Mega ST and STe

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