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Smaku - 19/08/2019
It was very useful tool to play adventure text-graph games. If there was some real problem getting too much time to solve some riddle, or to find a proper word, or action, etc. - it was enough to check disk containing a game with this program Sherlock to be ready for further journey. Great tool, very useful it was, I remember. I was changing many demos and programs, games, etc. - using this Sherlock. Wherever I saw some readable text, I was changing to my own characters and texts directly on the disk, then admiring my genial job as a pirate. Actually on the PC computers it's easier. It's enough to change whatever in files just using Notepad, or no matter of what kind the simplest text editors. Obvious.
Dan - 11/06/2018
Steve's memory is a bit off. Sherlock was QS-Forth. SynFile+ is Pink Noise Studios Forth. PNS was available with full source which we needed for SynFile+.
Steve Ahlstrom - 12/08/2016
The program was written in Pink Noise Forth
gLib - 04/05/2016
Forth, it is. String "QS-FORTH 1.0" in program. When you see machine language text in program like LDA JSR etc remember what this prog does, it has a disassembler. Older version needing basic? was an emulator bug sorry.
gLib - 30/04/2016
I'm sure this was compiled basic not machine language, older versions required the basic cart and tho this one doesnt, it runs like the same slow speed. Uses 24K of code to do what could've been done in 5K machine language.


Sherlock 1050 atari screenshot
Sherlock 1050 atari screenshot
Sherlock 1050 atari screenshot
Sherlock 1050 atari screenshot


GenreCopying / Protecting / DumpingYear1985
LanguageCompiled FORTHPublisherAntic Software
ControlsKeyboardDeveloper4th Works (The)

Moore, Daniel L. / Ahlstrom, Steve

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)SerialAPO155
Dumpdownload atari Sherlock 1050 Download
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