Beach Head pits you against the enemy. Your mission: penetrate their mine fields, defeat their air and sea assaults, make your way to land and defeat their main base. Doesn't sound easy? It isn't! Each of these phases is a game in itself, so we'll discuss each game's strategies separately.


When in this phase, avoid planted mines and torpedoes and make your way to the other side. The best strategy behind this phase is the old rule "yield the right of way" and in this game the torpedoes have the right of way. In other words, don't try to outrun the torpedoes. When one is launched, just slow down and let it go by. Then, speed up and make a beeline for the other end. If you are at the lowest speed and still heading for a collision with a torpedo, turn the ship all the way left and let the missile pass.


The object of this phase is to aim your guns and shoot down attacking planes before they sink the fleet. The best way to defeat planes is to avoid being a "chaser." That is, don't try to follow the planes with gunfire, hoping to catch them. Instead, set the sights at a certain height and move them left and right, then let the planes fly up into your sight. This strategy will work well unless you set the height too high (this allows the planes to get too close and damage the fleet each time). Instead, keep your sight in the lower half of the screen.


Now it's your turn to blast at those darned boats! The key here is to shoot then wait to get a reading before launching another shot. Aim at one ship at a time and try to concentrate on the ship presently firing at you. Remember, each push of the stick is equivalent to 100 meters either way, so if it says 900 meters short, simply jab the stick back 9 times quickly and fire away! Once you hit your target, move on to the next one firing at you.


The tank phase is a navigational contest, then a shoot'em up. It's important to learn the angle at which the tank turns, then base your turns on this angle. When something is firing at you, time your shots so you can move in, shoot, and get out while the enemy is reloading. If the assailant is not an obstacle in the way of progress, don't even bother with him. But make sure the entire tank clears a bridge or tunnel because contact with any part of the tank base, top or even turret results in instant destruction - and a one-way trip back to the beginning.


When (and if) you reach the base of the hill, your mission is to blow away the main cannon. This is done by shooting out a certain amount of ports in the hill (the number depends on the skill level). Meanwhile, the main cannon is aimed right at you! Don't worry, since there's nothing you can do except blow out as many ports as possible before he does you in. I've never seen anyone knock out all the required ports on the first pass so don't feel bad when you hear "boom!". Just hop in the next tank (hopefully, you have another) and repenetrate the enemy grounds. Keep doing this until you either run out of tanks or destroy the main cannon.

Beach Head is a difficult game, not to be mastered in a day. So don't get frustrated if you fall a few times to the enemy. Remember, within a few days, victory shall be yours!