An alien is terrorizing the land. Its touch turns people into fuzzy static and they infect others they contact. Unless the blight is halted, the entire country will soon be fuzzed out! It's up to Agent USA to locate the Fuzz Bomb doing the damage, subdue it with antifuzz crystals and rescue the citizens.

By visiting the information booth located in each state's capital city, Agent USA can see a map showing Fuzz Bomb's location and predicting the direction in which the Fuzz menace will spread. With such an urgent mission at hand, garners might expect to be jetting to the site, but for unclear reasons the on-screen hero rides the railroad network crisscrossing the country. It's not possible to buy a ticket direct to where Fuzz Bomb is. Instead, Agent USA must take a series of short rides between major cities until he reaches the ultimate destination.

The railway stations' graphics are very attractive, with both local and express trains arriving every few moments on the busy tracks. Agent USA is a cute pair of feet emerging from under an oversized fedora. The cityscapes forming the skylines are lighted according to the time of the day, dawn to dusk and the musical accompaniment to the train rides is especially pleasing.

Designed for players aged 9 and over, Agent USA requires careful strategy to stop the Fuzz Bomb before it turns the country's entire population into static.

Gamers must learn to manage their time efficiently if they are to buy tickets, catch the train in time and grow the crystals needed to overcome the alien.

The best lesson taught by the game is geography. Maps of the alien's location are only in the state capitals, so the game quickly teaches the names and locations of the major cities in our country.

From a gamer's viewpoint, Agent USA is one of the most successful educational titles now on the market. Unlike many learning programs, it stands up well as a fun activity. And it's so good kids'll never know it's educational if you don't tell them!