This game helped to fill a gap that had for a long time been ignored – boxing simulations. Written by Accolade last year, it offers you the chance to create a boxer and then enter into competition with other fighters.

You have five different modes of play – construction, main event, sparring, training and tournament.
You control your boxer using the joystick and have the choice of eight different moves – guard up or down, fake or throw a punch and more.

In the construction mode you can create up to 24 boxers by selecting from a range of heads, bodies, feet and shorts – rather like Frankenstein did – with the exception of the shorts, that is. The game offers well animated graphics and adequate sound effects.

It also has its amusing moments, especially when your opponent throws one of his special punches – which can be anything from spinning around to sock you one or bopping you one on the top of your head.

Fight Night is an amusing and entertaining sports simulation that will give hours of fun.