You are about to enter the ultimate battle in the Universe – the struggle between the powers of light and darkness. The fate of the world rests in your hands.

This is a futuristic version of chess fought over two battlegrounds – strategy and combat screens. The first is divided into squares like a chess board, with you and your opponent taking turns to move your pieces – legions of mythical and legendary creatures.

The combat screen is an enlargement of a strategy square occupied by one of your pieces and one of the enemy's. This is a one-on-one battle zone where opponents fight for their lives.
The aim of each side is to control five power points or to annihilate the opposition. Pieces can move in one of three ways – on the ground, in the air or by teleporting. A useful tip is to remember that your creature will fight better on a square of its own colour – however, some squares change colour throughout the game.

You have control of 18 pieces in your regiment, each having its own characteristics and fighting skills. This leaves room for a lot of thought and timing to be employed during the game. To stand a chance of winning a conflict you will have to learn the individual abilities of each piece.

Each side is controlled by a powerful magician – Wizard on one and Sorceress on the other – representing good and evil respectively. Each can cast spells to affect the game – teleport, heal, shift time and many more.

Archon is ideal for players of strategy games who want just a little bit more for their money. Just try it and see.