Here's an unusual color-changing game, Rainbow Walker, a pretty action contest set high above a mythical kingdom. Evil forces have turned the rainbow gray and only the brave Cedric can restore it to its former brilliance. Equipped with rainbow-walking boots, he hops along the airborne pathway, which scrolls forward and back across the horizon. If Cedric moves even one toe off the rainbow, he falls off and loses a turn.

Of course, there are plenty of nasties out to stop his heroic exploits, and each has a unique way of foiling his progress. For example, there's a hovering bird that plucks him off the rainbow and carries him off to parts unknown, undoing all the work he's done so far. Another creature picks him up and drops him on another square. Still another bad guy simply chucks him over the side.

Cedric can temporarily freeze opponents in their tracks by hopping on to a patterned square (which always remains gray). As long as he doesn't move vertically, the enemies remain frozen. But he can't linger too long on the patterned area because it quickly disintegrates under his weight.

The game awards a bonus round each time a rainbow is completed. To earn bonus points, Cedric has to hop back and forth between constantly appearing — and disappearing — squares. If he stays in one spot too long, the ground literally falls out from under him. There are never more than four squares on-screen during a bonus round, and the longer Cedric keeps his footing, the higher the bonus tally.

Rainbow Walker is especially ear-pleasing, though detailed graphics and instructions aren't the game's strong points. Still, the sky changes color as the sun goes down, and the moon rises over the night firmament. It's pleasant touch, and a pleasant game that has a way of growing on the player.