Pirate Adventure Saga #2 is Adventure International's re-release of their second adventure. As is the case with Adventureland Saga #1 (see above), Saga #2 has been dressed up with Hi-Res graphics, and much improved documentation, with a the separate Hint Sheet thrown in to boot. In general, the commentary for Saga #1 is equally applicable to Pirate Adventure.

The game itself is identical in all respects to the play of the original all-text version. There are two treasures to locate and collect, but getting them isn't quite as easy as it may seem. In conjunction with the hint sheet, and since Pirate Adventure isn't one of Adam's more difficult puzzles, it is especially recommended for beginning adventurers and young children whose parents are willing to "lose" them for several days.

Overall rating : B Difficulty:COriginality:B
Puzzle quality :BEase of use: B+Documentation:A
Text quality:B+Vocabulary:BHolds interest ?:B
Graphics quality :BSave/restore:A-Value for money:C