Gwendolyn is a single-player graphic adventure program by the author of Crypt of the Undead and King Arthur's Heir. In this game, you are Prince Maracus, whose bride-to-be, Princess Gwendolyn, has been abducted by an army of dwarves. You must search through the caverns beneath your kingdom and rescue the lady from her captors.

At each point during the game, you are presented with a picture of your location, along with the compass directions in which you may move. You push your joystick in the desired direction and press the fire button to move, at which point a picture of the next location appears. Pressing the fire button without moving the joystick calls up a menu of additional functions. These include picking up objects, using these objects, getting an inventory, saving the game, and displaying your score. This last function serves no particular purpose, because you get no hint of what this score means.

The instructions mention some of the objects to be found along the way, along with their peculiar functions. This is important, since using an object outside of the room where you should use it will cause it to explode. This is the only obstacle in the game, other than the effort of mapping the caverns. You cannot lose this game except by destroying a needed object. In testing this game, I simply saved the game before trying objects. If I chose the wrong object, I could then restart at that point, thereby not wasting any time.

None of the problems presented in Gwendolyn proved even mildly difficult. As with his previous games, the author has provided clues so obvious as to insult the intelligence of his audience. Assuming that you keep a reasonably accurate map as you go along, the entire game can be played in under two hours, unless boredom reaches you before you reach the princess.

Overall rating : D Controllability:CError handling:N/A
Game concept :CSkill involved: FDocumentation:B
Creativity:C-Challenge:FHolds interest ?:F
Game depth :DGraphics:CValue for money:F