The Atari computer translation of Q*bert is certainly no disappointment, in either graphics or play-mechanic. All the elements that made the coin-op a supersmash are packed into the cartridge-with the exception, of course, of the sharp ''click" that accompanies each fall off the pyramid cube and the muttered curses that spew when the cube-climber errs.

As with every other version of the classic coin-op-come-home, the only major criticism that can be leveled is the control scheme. Everyone knows that the coin-op featured a four-way movement pattern, each direction on the diagonal. When Parker Brothers licensed the game from Mylstar (formerly Gottlieb), the company decided that, since most joysticks are built for north, south, east and west movement, the home adaptations should play to their joystick's strong points. A nice thought.

Unfortunately, what that really means is that players must hold their joysticks on the diagonal while they play. It can be gotten used to, but in this reviewer's opinion, it's a needless, if well-intentioned, complication to one of the simplest games in the arcades.

Still, if you like Q*Bert (and who doesn't these days?), this is a nicely styled rendition of the cube-hopping contest. After mastering the "new" control scheme, gamers are sure to fall in love with the fuzzball all over again.